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The Catholic Church Elected Pope Pius XIII 
on October 24, 1998
Now deceased, November 30th 2009
Please use proper guidance for this church Father was stricken with dementia in the prior few ending years of his life here on earth.  May he rest in peace. - In the realm of today, this same true Catholic Church still exists according to true Council of Trent laws and Her 1917 canons.  This same true Church, does not honor New Vatican II council, nor its heresy's shown that are stacked against the true Catholic Church.  The lie is always a lie and never can be truth.  This same true church website is not the only true Catholic Church website online on this earth today either.  The same true Catholic Church exists in many realms of all society today, obeying her true laws, give or take a few. IE - God's true words, "not one is perfect"  Obedience takes precedence.


Away from the busy demands of classes, homework, and activities, two Sports camps provide the perfect opportunity for Croatian youth (ages 13-15 and 16-19) to experience a complete change of routine.
This is where SEND International, Croatia began working with youth camps: by bringing Croatian youth into a new environment and using sports to teach biblical truth. Campers are stretched physically by sports that challenge their fears, and spiritually by a continual exposure to Bible teaching
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Mystici Corporis 1943

THE CHURCH IS A BODY. One, Undivided, Visible.

        That the Church is a body is frequently asserted in the Sacred Scriptures. �Christ,� says the Apostle, �is the Head of the Body of the Church.�[13] If the Church is a body, it must be an unbroken unity, according to those words of Paul: �Though many we are one body in Christ.�[14] But it is not enough that the Body of the Church should be an unbroken unity; it must also be something definite and perceptible to the senses as Our predecessor of happy memory, Leo XIII, in his Encyclical SATIS COGNITUM asserts: �the Church is visible because she is a body.[15] Hence they err in a matter of divine truth, who imagine the Church to be invisible, intangible, a something merely �pneumatological� as they say, by which many Christian communities, though they differ from each other in their profession of faith, are untied by an invisible bond.

      But a body calls also for a multiplicity of members, which are linked together in such a way as to help one another. And as in the body when one member suffers, all the other members share its pain, and the healthy members come to the assistance of the ailing, so in the Church the individual members do not live for themselves alone, but also help their fellows, and all work in mutual collaboration for the common comfort and for the more perfect building up of the whole Body.


After 40 years of the Holy See being vacant, the Catholic Church has, on October 24, 1998 elected Pope Pius XIII as the Vicar of Christ on Earth.  The details of his election and papacy can be found on the f St. Peter, will continue to exist on this website under his former name.   Many of these writings are in newsletters known as Caritas, and in other documents on specific topics. These will be marked with a yellow oval saying �Pre Pius XIII Document.�   Documents which do reference the �vacancy� will be clearly date-stamped and marked as written prior to the restoration of the papacy, because their content and explanations are invaluable in understanding the background of the papal situation. 

It is likely that most of you think that the �Catholic Church� now centered in Rome, in the Vatican, is the Catholic Church. Since 1958 (after the death of Pope Pius XII on October 9, 1958), the holders of offices there, have usurped the name of the Catholic Church from which they of their own free will departed. They left the faith, and therefore they left the Church that was founded by Christ on the apostles with Peter as its head. Their defection from the faith is something we must prove and that is the burden of much of the literature that you will find in this website. 

The deception into which you have been drawn by bogus Council Vatican II (1962 - 1965) is extremely acute. Why? Because those leaders, all the Fathers of the bogus Council Vatican II plus their leaders (John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, and now Benedict XVI) kept not only the name Catholic Church, but they also kept their position in the community that continues to call itself the Catholic Church. The only way that one can prove this truth is to examine the teachings of the Catholic Church before bogus Council Vatican II, and then compare those earlier teachings with the ones now taught by that unfortunate and diabolical Council Vatican II. 

The immense truth that will strike you is that there is a great difference between the doctrines of the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church and those of the post-Vatican II �Catholic Church.�  Once you recognize this, you are forced to admit that they are not one and the same Church. The next conclusion is that both cannot be God's Church. Deliberately, we do not call God's Church the true Church, for God does not have an untrue Church. He made only one Church. If you find that Church, you must conclude that all other so-called �Churches� are not of God. They are the Churches of Satan. 

You may ask: �Well then, who is the Pope of God's Church?� By God's permission we were without a successor to our last true pope, Pope Pius XII for 40 years from October 9,1958 until October 24, 1998. The movement on the part of those who still have the true faith, still in the Catholic Church, came to a joyful outcome on October 24, 1998, when Pope Pius XIII was elected to the Chair of St. Peter. 

There is much background information as to why and how the Church could undertake the process to-elect-a-true-Pope for God's Church. 

Being without a pope for a long period of time is nothing new in the world. At the time of the Great Schism, they prayed and waited for their Pope for about 40 years. In the early Church of the 4th century, history records the terrible Arian heresy, a denial of the Divinity of Christ, which caused nearly all the bishops to leave the Church by their accepting the Arian heresy. The Catholics who refused to accept the Arian heresy were sad and lonely. To them St. Athanasius addressed some words-of-encouragement

Whoever you are, we are telling you that the Creator of this world (and of all created things) is God. There is only one God, and He created intellectual beings so that they might freely prepare for an everlasting life of supernatural joy in heaven. We will get to heaven only if we do the will of God. Where do we find that will of God? Basically, we find the natural law in our hearts, that is, from the conscience that God planted in us when He created us. God also manifested His will (His laws) through the prophets of the Old Law. He continued that revelation with His eternal Son, Jesus Christ. In turn, Jesus Christ founded His Church, and He commands all men to be members of His Church under the pain of damnation. 

We want to help you come to God's Church, the Catholic Church. We have put good Catholic material on this website, and we can recommend helpful literature that you can purchase from book stores. We can also answer polite and pertinent questions

Entering God's Church entails two things, (a) knowledge, and (b) divine assistance, also called actual grace. If one knows everything that can be learned about divine truths, he still cannot accept God's Church without divine assistance, and that assistance comes by reason of praying to God for it. When we die, we will be judged by God in all justice. Then we will go either to heaven or to hell. Both heaven and hell will never end. Every human being is not only invited to enter the Catholic Church, he is commanded by God to enter the Catholic Church. From the time of Christ to the end of the world, it remains forever true, �Outside the Church there is no salvation.� We are not leading you to an elective course of studies, we are pointing out to you what all of us must believe and do in order to attain our final goal, the everlasting joys of heaven. 

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Everything within this website is with church law copyright. Please feel free to copy and distribute all pages. We request however that you 

  1. alter nothing, and 
  2. let people know the address of this site,, and the address of the papal site,

so they too may learn about the true Catholic faith. Thanks be to God and God bless you. 

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