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We regret to inform viewers of this site; the death of the Pope Pius XIIIth, on the 30th of November 2009. Yes he has passed away at the age of 91yrs old. Please stay in the virtue of true patients for upcoming events and updating on the Papal Situation of the true Catholic Church. by this Website hopefully. Further informations will be posted here just as soon as possible, canidates will be anounced outside and inside the conclave pages.... Including all answers of the upcoming worldwide conclave event. Along with the catholic church holy mysteries, that some coincide with in this great OFM-CAP Holy Church Father by persecutions. IHM counsel currently in session, and in process of making, prior important mystery council event. All Lay members are welcome to join in this council. See the IHM Council Form page for proper type softwares online. Pray the Holy Rosary to Our Blessed Holy Mother Maria Daily. Holding true to only 15 true Holy Rosary Church Mysteries.

May the Holiness Pius XIIIth and his soul rest in peace with +God's Blessing.


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Note that the acronym tCC stands for "true Catholic Church"
and lower/upper case notation is correct as shown above.
This is to help distinguish true Catholic Church'
from the imposter "antipope" 'catholilc church', who presently
 is known to occupy also, the so called Vatican.
true Define of the word itself "Vatican", has only one true proper meaning, and that is ONLY  > "extermination of lies " other non meaningful meanings have no precedence, and should be discarded by the faithful.    

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Pius XIII 

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