Vatican II
Its Heresies, Errors and Rites

    This menu of the True Catholic website provides you with articles showing the heresies promoted by the Vatican II church, as well as showing why its rites are invalid.

The Vatican II Heresies
shows the differences between the teachings of God's one and only Church, and those of the bogus Vatican II church of apostate Benedict XVI.
Principal Errors of Vatican II Ecclesiology
a summary of the errors and heresies of Vatican II, originally published in January 1984.  Includes Ecumenism, Democratic Government, Rights of Man, Novus Ordo Mass.
Catechism on the Errors of Vatican II and its "popes"
in simple Q&A format, a catechism which shows in easy language the prinicple errors of Vatican II and also shows why the last 5 claimants to the papacy never held the papal office.
Vatican II Rites - Are they valid?
shows the defects of the Vatican II "ordinations" using documents both from Pope Leo XIII and from the Vatican II council and its false "pope" Paul VI.
Heresies of Benedict XVI
show that Benedict XVI is a heretic using his own words.
101 Heresies of John Paul II
show that John Paul II is a heretic using his own words.
The Broken Cross: The Hidden Hand in the Vatican
The history of John XXIII's initiation into Rosicrucian Masonry in 1935 (by Piers Compton, 1984).

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