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Living Our Catholic Faith the Absence of a Priest 

In this day and age, there are very few true priests left. We are left in a situation where getting the sacraments from a priest is at times impossible. What is a Catholic to do? Firstly, we should never lose hope. In times past, people lived without a priest for long periods of time, and kept the faith. In extraordinary situations, God will provide all the graces necessary for your salvation, if only you cooperate with His graces.  

Look to St. Joseph, who lived and died before the time Jesus established His Church. And yet, St. Joseph is one of the greatest saints. Keep the faith -- God will provide. 

There are things we can and should do even without a priest. This page of the True Catholic website provides you with articles on various aspects of how to practice our Catholic faith when a priest is simply unavailable. There are 2 sacraments only which can be transacted without a priest -- they are Baptism and Matrimony. Baptism is the most important because it makes us God's children, and give us the right to heaven.  

Catholics Without a Priest - by Fr. Demaris, 1801
written during the French Revolution to Catholics who were left without a priest. A direct parallel to the situation today. 
The New Vatican II Rite of Baptism - "Is it Valid?"
shows why this new rite is defective. 
How a Lay Person is to Administer Baptism
instructs on the matter, form, and intention necessary for any person to administer the Sacrament of Baptism validly.
Matrimony - "How Catholics may marry without a Pastor "
instructs on the requirements and method for Catholics to marry, and discusses impediments, mixed marriages, and dispensations.
The Act of Perfect Contrition
shows how to use this most precious gift. Use a seatbelt in your car because it can save you life. Use the Act of Perfect Contrition because it can save your soul. 
How to Make a Good Intention
shows the way in which we should offer all our actions to God, through our Morning Offering and throughout the day.
The Rosary
Say the Rosary every day. It is a most powerful prayer and it is a sure sign of predestination.
The Brown Scapular
"Whosoever dies wearing this cloth shall not suffer eternal fire."
The Need to Do Penance for Our Sins
shows the necessity for us to do penance, including fasting, prayers and alms-giving. An excellent review for Lent and for doing penance throughout the year.
Preparation for Death - by St. Alphonsus de Liguori
instructs on the shortness of life, the vanities of this world, and the moment on which our eternity depends.
The Power of Holy Water
from the Autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila, 1562 A.D.
Men's Dress Worn by Women
Letter from Cardinal Siri on women who wear clothing of men.

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