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Caritas Newsletters -- MENU

by Fr. Lucian Pulvermacher, OFM Cap. 

Caritas, translated from Latin, means charity, and charity is understood as (a) sanctifying grace and (b) the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. It is with this charity in mind that the Caritas Newsletter is presented to you on the True Catholic web site.   

On October 24, 1998, Fr. Lucian Pulvermacher was elected as Pope of the Holy Catholic Church, and accordingly all of his writings as of that date will be available in the pope's homepage which is  The Caritas page which you are now viewing will be kept intact because the newsletters here are invaluable in learning about the Church and in advancing in grace and virtue with the ultimate goal of reaching heaven. 

  • August 1989 shows specifically how the Vatican II council teaches heresy.
  • October 1992 on Redemption and Salvation.
  • February 1994 shows how to determine if a man claiming to be a priest is legitimate.
  • July 1994 on Free Will, Intellect & Faith
  • November 1995 - Topics include: Charity, Papal Election, Confirmation, Indulgences, The Ugliness of Communism.
  • July 1996 - Topics include: Receive the Truth, The Prayer of St. Michael, Decisive Grace, Children are Better Off Without TV, Phonics vs. Whole Language, Modesty in Dress.
  • November 1996 gives an explanation of your conscience -- what it is and what it does.
  • January 1997 on Our Resolve to Avoid Evil and to Grow in Virtue.
  • February 1997 on doing Penance during Lent and throughout the year. This page teaches us about the necessity of doing penance, including fasting, prayers, and alms-giving.
  • March 1997 on the Presence of God & Prayer
  • May 1997 - Topics include: Internet Visitors, Happiness, Theological Virtues, Sanctifying Grace, Beatific Vision, Bogus Church on Internet, Goals 2000, Marriage Annulment Fiasco, Volunteerism, Sociology.
  • June 1997 - Topics include: Explanation of The Trinity from the Athanasian Creed, Implicit Belief in Church teaching, The Purpose of Man and Perfection, Evolution at the Vatican.
  • July 1997 - Topics include: Sayings of Truth & Error, Purification, Purgatory, Meekness & Firmness, Vatican II website, Modesty in Dress.
  • August 1997 - Topics include: Reward & Punishment, Protestant Personal Savior, Women Wearing Men's Attire, Home Schooling.
  • November 1997 on Baptism.  Other Topics include: JPII declares St. Therese a "Doctor of the Church" which no woman can be,  Holy Souls.
  • December 1997 more on Baptism. Other Topics include: Latin Dictionary, Some Human Evils Exposed.
  • January 1998 - Topics include: The Life of the Church, Modernism.
  • February 1998 - Topics include: Liberty, a much confused term, Vatican artwork.
  • March 1998 - Topics include: Abortion, Humility & Authority, Mass setup in remote areas, Lent.
  • April 1998 - Topics include: Lent, Self Denial, Penance & Baptism.
  • May 1998 - Topics include: Mary - our powerful intecessor, Know Your Enemies, The Apocalypse, Vision of God.
  • August 1998 - Topics include: The Gift of Counsel, Update on the Election, Self Defense, Prepare for the Future, Conscience.
  • October 1998 - Topics include: My new residence, The Right Thing, Absolution, The Beast, Act of Perfect Contrition, A Clear Conscience, Save Souls, Latin Missals.

Election of Pope Pius XIII

On October 24, 1998, Fr. Lucian Pulvermacher was elected pope of the Holy Catholic Church and took the name Pius XIII.  Accordingly, subsequent writings of Pope Pius XIII now appear separately on the Papal Writings page. 

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