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The Differences Between Catholic and Protestant Doctrine

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
with answers to the "Bible-Alone" Theory
Texts from the King James Protestant Bible
proves the Catholic Religion using a Protestant Bible
History of the New Testament
dates when the New Testament was written and compiled
Effects of Bible-Alone Theory
shows the many sects created because of this theory
Why Are There So Many Churches?
Free interpretation leads to creation of each new sect
Graph of Christian Demoninations by Century of Origin
shows which was the one and only Church that was instituted by Our Lord Jesus Christ
The Church or the Bible
sermon by Fr. Arnold Damen (1815 - 1890) on the Catholic Church Teaching on the Bible
The One True Church
sermon by Fr. Arnold Damen for those non-Catholics looking to find the Church that Jesus established
The Hail Mary of a Protestant
the true story of a little 6-year-old Protestant boy

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