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Catholic Liturgy

The Catholic Liturgy is the public official service of the Church. There are many facets to the Liturgy: Mass, the Sacraments, Rites and Rituals, Prayers, the Divine Office, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, to name a few. The Liturgy presented here is 100% Catholic, exactly as the Catholic Church administered the Liturgy in 1958, at the death of Pope Pius XII. The Liturgy is comprised of (1) the words used, (2) the rubrics (how something is done), and (3) items used in the performance of the Liturgy.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
The Ordinary of the Mass given in Latin and English.
Altar, Sacred Vessels, and Vestments
Items used in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
Altar Cards
printable Altar Cards in PDF format
Stations of the Cross
by St. Francis of Assisi
traditional Catholic prayers for public or private use
The Rosary
the 15 decades of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary
The union of a man and woman in the marriage.
Ordination to the Priesthood
the 4 minor and 3 major Holy Orders making a man a priest
The Consecration of a Bishop
the Holy Order giving a priest the fullness of the priesthood
the rite to expel the Devil and his evil influence

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