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General Councils 
           of the true Catholic Church.   Ecumenical. - Includes the 
           Vatican Council...  Speaks also on how these Councils        
            have Power to Depose the Pope.  
Pope Pius XIII
elected to the Chair of St. Peter on October 24, 1998. Now deceased.
Introduction to God
For those who have never heard about God, this page introduces you to God, tells you about who He is, what His goal is for us, and how He helps us to achieve that goal.
Catechism of Christian Doctrine
is a revised edition of the Baltimore Catechism No. 2 originally published in 1941.
Liturgy of the Catholic Church
the public official service of the Church.
Catholic Prayers
gives you the main prayers that should be known and said by all Catholics.
The Rosary
is a most powerful devotion to Our Blessed Mother and when said daily is a sure sign of predestination. This page shows all the mysteries of the rosary and other important information.
Stations of the Cross
Way of the Cross by St. Francis of Assisi, with beautiful pictures of the 14 stations. A major devotion of the Catholic world.
The Vatican II Heresies
shows the heresies taught by Vatican II and the differences between the teachings of God's one and only Church, and those of the bogus Vatican II church of apostate John Paul II.
Heresies of Anti-Pope Benedict XVI
proof positive, using published documents and true Catholic doctrine.
101 Heresies of Anti-Pope John Paul II
proof positive, using published documents.
The Broken Cross: The Hidden Hand in the Vatican
The history of Cardinal Roncalli's initiation into Rosicrucian Masonry in 1935 (by Piers Compton, 1984).
The Vatican II popes -- Photo Gallery
Photographic images of John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, and John Paul II
The Papal Situation or �Do we have a pope?�
provides articles on the papal situation in the Church today. It shows why the last 5 men in the Vatican were never pope, and what can be done to elect a true pope.
The Recent Corruptions surrounding Rome new
Recent evil stolen currencys, lies, including murders, against truth...
presents many of the truths of Catholicism in a graphical format. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Caritas Newsletters
is a set of periodical newsletters from a True Catholic priest who became Pope Pius XIII. As of October 24, 1998, all writings of Pope Pius XIII will be found at the papal website.
Living Our Catholic Faith 
instructs Catholics on how to practice their religion in the present time when the availability of a true priest is quite remote. It includes instructions on Baptism and how a lay person can give Baptism, and how Catholics may marry without a priest available.
Jurisdiction - A Priest's Right to Hear Confession
instruction on the Canon Law and papal decree which governs when a priest may hear confessions. 
The Catholic Church and Salvation
presents the dogma and the explanation of Church teaching on salvation.
the Mark by which the Church of today is recognized as identical with the Church founded by Jesus Christ upon the Apostles.
Catholic Art
MENU for many beautiful pieces of Catholic Art, all of which are 100% traditional.
Marriage Menu
Church law regarding marriage, preparation for marriage, marriage without a pastor, duties of a married couple.
Doing Penance During Lent and Throughout the Year
shows the need for us to do penance for our sins. It instructs on how to do penance, including fasting, prayers and alms-giving. 
Protestant Menu
a complete reference guide for Protestants searching for the truth about God's only Church.  Includes: FAQs, New Testament History, Bible-only theory, private interpretation, denominations, sermons, and �The Hail Mary of a Protestant,� the true story of a little six-year-old Protestant boy.
Confession & the Anglican
true story of how a prominent Anglican priest converted to Catholicism.
Traditional Latin Mass
The complete text of the Mass in Latin and English.
Altar, Sacred Vessels, Priest's Vestments
Items used in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
The Holy Bible 'new
The complete ONLINE Douay-Rheims version of the Bible, first published in 1609.
Douay Rheims Bible
The Downloads From this site of the Douay-Rheims version of the Bible, first published in 1609.
Marian Hymns
is a collection of some of the well-know hymns to Our Blessed Mother, Mary.
Marylike Standards of Modesty in Dress
Mary is the model for all womanhood.
Preparation for Death
by St. Alphonsus de Liguori - instructs on the shortness of life, the vanities of this world, and the moment on which our eternity depends.
War, Moral Theology on War
What makes a war just or unjust?


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