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Caritas Newsletter

January 1, 1998
by Fr. Lucian Pulvermacher, OFM Cap.

on the Life of the Church 

During the course of years the following prayer developed in my morning prayers.  You may find it according to your own liking and use it with great profit.  I have this on hand in a holy card format for future use for one and all. 

My Morning Offering 

    God the Father, I thank Thee for creating me.  God the Son, I thank Thee for redeeming me.  God the Holy Ghost, I thank Thee for sanctifying me; infuse into my thoughts, words and actions Thy grace so that they may be supernaturally pleasing to Thee and supernaturally rewarding to me, forever.     

    O Blessed Trinity, abundantly assist me in becoming that which Thou intended me to become when Thou created me, for in that perfection I will give Thee the glory Thou desirest of me, and in that perfection I will find my greatest joy in heaven.  Amen.

The Life of the Church

While we are working on the election of the Pope for God�s Church, the Catholic Church (as distinct from bogus Vatican II Catholic Church), I want to give you a fine quotation on the life of the Church.  Evil men in union with the devil are doing all they can to destroy the Church, but we know before hand that they are doomed to failure.  Here is the quotation from The Mystical Body of Christ, by Frank J. Sheed, publisher - Sheed & Ward, 1935, page 134.  It follows: 
    �The Church is necessarily a living thing which grows and never dies.  She decays in parts here and there, but she never dies; she may be the �ancient of days,� but never antique, because she bears eternity within her. 

    �Three forces have been aligned against her in the course of her earthly life: the force of body (persecution), the force of ideas (intellectual opposition), and the force of passion (which today is so characteristic of carnality, manifested in a general softening of lives, weakening of wills and the glorification of sex).  This is the new power which would kill the indefectible spirit of the Body of Christ.�  (However, we know from faith that it will never happen.)

Without the Church all of us are lost. I shall give you two quotations taken from The Sources of Catholic Dogma (Denzinger).  Boniface VIII in �Unam Sanctam� Nov. 18, 1302 declared:  �Furthermore, we declare, say, define, and proclaim to every human creature that they by necessity for salvation are entirely subject to the Roman Pontiff.� 

At the Lateran Council VI (1215) the Fathers of the Council in union with the Pope declared:  

    �One indeed is the universal Church of the faithful, outside of which no one at all is saved.�
Now who in the world can think that he can get around that one?   

God's Church Alone is True

To all my readers, not in the true Catholic Church, I want to alert you to a profound mystery: a mystery that you can easily understand.  During the life time of Jesus Christ on earth, He was recognized (generally) by only a few people: His Mother, St. Joseph, St. Elizabeth, the shepherds in Bethlehem, the three Wise Men, John the Baptist, and the small group of Apostles and disciples that gathered around Him during His three years of public life.  Only with divine faith did they recognize Him.  All the others passed Him up as just another citizen of Galilee. 

Today the Catholic Church stands in your midst just as Christ stood in the midst of the people of His time. You, unfortunate unbelievers, see the Catholic Church as no more than just one more cult in the world.  God�s church alone is true, and all other Churches are a violation of the First Commandment of God.  They are �false gods before the true God,� Who is the creator of all things and the just judge of all men!  Each one of us will be rewarded with heaven or punished with hell, for there is no permanent third place beyond the grave where anyone can go. 


I shall quote you a most wonderful definition of modernism .  It is from CHURCH HISTORY by Fr. John Laux, M.A. from TAN Books.  Page 581: 

�Pius X showed admirable insight in detecting and condemning the errors of �Modernism.�  Modernism is an attempt to remodel Christianity on the lines of Rationalistic philosophy, especially that of Kant, and of false mysticism.  In his famous Encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis (September 8, 1907), by which he crushed it once and for all, the Pope calls Modernism the �synthesis of all heresies.� 

Modernism contains  three fundamental errors:  

  • the existence of God, the immortality of the soul, the existence of revelation, in fact all that is not matter of personal experience, cannot be known with certainty by our reason (De facto, our reason does know all the above.) -- Agnosticism 
  • Holy Scripture and tradition do not a contain revelation from God to men, but merely feelings and experiences of highly-gifted religious persons -- Immanence or Immanentism
  • Christ did not found a Church with a divine constitution and unchangeable dogmas and moral standards, but these are the result of a gradual evolution and must continue to develop and give place to others as times change -- Evolutionism
The Vatican II bogus Church is completely taken over by modernism.  What amazes me is that there are wonderful theologians still in the Novus Ordo Church who want to correct its errors.  If that were done they feel they would have the Catholic Church of all times.  Error!  It is a false religion, and the only correction possible is conversion to the true Catholic Church.  With the coming papal election we will hold forth the full juridical order to which they can and must be converted.  There is no other way: no how!  For forty years we have been without a Pope.  Oh God, we stretch out our arms in prayers that Thou may assist us in a valid election of Thy vicar on earth! 

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