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March 1, 1998
by Fr. Lucian Pulvermacher, OFM Cap.


I  Raise My Voice in Defense of the Unborn 

You may ask me for a way to make a step in defense of the unborn that amounts to more than words.  I have a method that all of us can work with.  It is from Dr. John Coleman, January 1998 issue of World in Review on page 25.  He writes: 

    �Abortion is the most important issue in the history of the United States.  Those who would stand aside from it are committing a grave error and delivering a cowardly blow against the Republic of the United States of America and its institutions by which we will stand or fall.  What is the solution?  We, the People must petition the Congress to overturn the unconstitutional Supreme Court ruling known as Roe vs. Wade.  We have the right to take such action, and the Congress has the right to overturn Roe vs. Wade and its attendant rulings under Article III, Section 2, Part 2, and it would only take a simple majority, not a two thirds vote to accomplish it.� 
If you wish to write to Dr. Coleman do not put his name on the envelope but just address your letter to  W.I.R., 2533 North Carson Street, Suite J-118, Carson City, NV 89706.  All those who would like to read his very fine intelligence review, WORLD IN REVIEW can subscribe to it at the above address, for 12 months (a monthly), for $65.00.  I read it, so I have the above information for all of you.  We just cannot stop our calling for justice for the unborn.  I am not for life nor am I for choice.  I am for the fifth Commandment of God, �Thou shall not kill (the innocent).�  My vote is God�s command, call it for life if you wish. 

For those who can stomach a little more filth I shall add the following.  In Flashpoint, a newsletter ministry of Texe Marrs, 1708 Patterson Road, Austin, TX 78733, for February 1998 (Vol. 98-2) we read: 

    Abortion as a Satanic Ritual and Witchcraft Sacrament
    �An exclusive Texe Marrs Report. Top witches are coming out of the closet and proudly declaring, �Yes! Abortion is a sacrament.  It is a ritual sacrifice of a live baby to the Great Goddess.�  Meanwhile, a leading abortionist admits: �Eighty percent of my abortions are elective.�  Texe explains how New Age theologians teach that the spirit of the unborn baby wants to be tortured and sacrificed so that his or her �life karma� can be balanced.  He also explores evidence of a cannibalistic and Masonic connection with abortion rituals.� 
That leaves me almost breathless to think that a witch would get herself pregnant for the purpose of producing a victim for sacrifice.  The Aztec Indians of Mexico had human sacrifice day in and day out until the natives became Catholics after the apparition of our Lady of Guadelupe.  Once again may Our Lady of Guadelupe come to our aid in stopping the baby sacrifices of our times.  Dear Brethren, the least we can do is to pray for the cessation of abortions the world-over.  We can and should also use the legal means that is proposed for our use by Dr. John Coleman.  Get this word out.  Can we say that we love God if we neglect to help our brothers or sisters in need, for their very life, when we are able to do something about it?  Even if you see that the situation appears to be hopeless, remember this: we will be rewarded or punished for what we do or what we do not do before our Eternal Judge, independent of the outcome of our efforts. 

Humility & Authority

Without a fundamental knowledge of the virtue of humility it is impossible for us to practice true obedience.  I shall quote heavily from Father Edward Leen�s book, In the Likeness Of Christ, imprimatured on the 21st of March, 1936.  On page 177 we read, 
    �What is humility?  It is a virtue that is derived from a profound reverence towards God.  It lies in a recognition  of our true position with respect to our Creator and fellow-creatures and in a disposition  to shape our conduct in accordance with that position.  .... It is primarily a disposition of our will to restrain that tendency which we all have to claim an esteem and consideration which is beyond our due and to assert an independence of judgment and of will that does not belong to us as creatures.� 
On page 192, Father Leen, speaking of the gifts that are in us, says the following: 
    �We are not obliged to subject the divine in ourselves to the divine in others, though we may always subject what is of ourselves in us to what is divine in them - and thus fulfill the apostle�s injunction, �but in humility, let each esteem others better than themselves.� �Each one not considering the things that are his own, but those that are other men�s� (Philipp. ii,, 2-8)  ...This will enable us to practice easily the three grades of humility:  
    1.  To subject oneself to one higher and not prefer oneself to one�s equal in position. 
    2.  To subject oneself  to one in the same position and not prefer oneself to an inferior. 
    3. To subject oneself to one�s inferior.
    But does not this seem to destroy our dignity? By no means.  For humility demands our subjection to God directly and subjection to man only on account of God.  Loss of dignity  would be involved in submitting ourselves to man as such, by reason of his qualities, personality, or our own weakness.  This would be servility.  Nothing is so opposed to servility as humility, and nothing is so protective of dignity.  For by it we are prevented from aspiring after what is beyond us, and so making ourselves ridiculous, as well as saved from subjecting ourselves to that to which we should not be subject, and so degrading ourselves.  Humility is based on reverence towards God, and it is through that sense of reverence that we submit ourselves to what is divine whether in persons or in the order of things prevailing.   Our attitude of respect and submission is dictated by our sense of the presence of God in men and things - a presence either actual or possible.  In this way we may maintain our independence of men and owe subjection only to God; in this consists perfect freedom and true dignity.  ...And the superior who looks upon his authority in the same way can be firm in demanding unquestioning and absolute submission to it as such, without in the least degree being wanting in humility.� 
In spiritual books we read about blind obedience.  In what does that consist?  It means that when one receives a just command (one that is from a true superior, and the command is in conformity with God�s order) he does not consider the good, bad or indifferent qualities of the superior but only the command itself.  He accepts God�s order (Divine Providence) of our times, as for example: he does not chafe over the hardship of living in a time when God is punishing us with the Church without a functioning juridical order, that is, no Pope, no local bishops and no parish priests. 

I shall not move on until I spend a little time on servitude, as given above.  �Loss of dignity would be involved in submitting ourselves to man as such, by reason of his qualities, personality, or our own weakness.  This would be servility.�  (Quoting from Fr. Edward Leen). 

We may see wonderful qualities in the superior, and we may admire his elegant personality.  However, that is not the reason you obey him.  It is because his commands are really from God, and when one obeys God he is not obeying man.  Hence, when the superior gives a command that is evil you know that it is not of God, and you will not obey it. When the rulers told St. Peter to stop preaching Christ, St. Peter responded in no uncertain terms; �It is better to obey God rather than man.� 

We now use the example of  St. Peter to explain �blind obedience.�  St. Peter had blind obedience in that he did not consider the person who commanded, but he considered the command  itself.   Blind obedience is not blind to the command itself, but just to the one who gives the just command. 

When I left the �superiors� in the Novus Ordo I gave no consideration to their good or bad qualities.  I considered their command (only), that is, to remain in a false religion, the Novus Ordo.  Had I obeyed their unjust command (once I saw it was unjust) I would have violated God�s command to live and die in the Catholic Church.  That would have been disobedience to God.  The men who appeared to be my Catholic superiors were not my superiors at all.  They �commanded� in a false religion.  Furthermore, they gave me the false command to remain with them in the Satanic Novus Ordo religion.  Had I remained subject to the superiors and obeyed their commands, to the unsuspecting world, it would have appeared that I was a truly obedient subject.  As it is, to my friends and relatives, I am a renegade  priest, doomed to hell.  Before men (the general public) I am a disobedient priest, but to those who know the Catholic Church, I am in obedience to Christ and His one and only Church. 

Mass Setup for Each Area

As we move closer to the papal election I think of the days when more priests will be visiting your areas.   Hence, it will be necessary to have all or nearly all the necessities for Mass in each location.  We can work together on getting those things in each Mass center, likely just in homes for the beginning. 

Over the years I have moved into your areas with a Mass kit, with all that is needed except a platform for an altar.  I have moved from coast to coast, England, Ireland, France, and Australia.  I had not only the equipment but also the altar wine and the hosts. 

Our first concern is getting all the equipment: chalice, ciborium, missal, altar linens, vestments, altar cards, bell and the like.  Before one family starts putting things together they should ask all the members of their area if they have some of these objects which they may want to give to the cause, on a permanent or temporary agreement. 

The altar wine and hosts must also be provided.  There is an easy way out of that, but, standing with the universal practice of the Church, I oppose it with all my might.  It is revolting to get hosts and wine off the open market even if it is labeled, �for sacramental use,� unless the providers are our brethren.  Either you are with me or against me.  Those, not our brethren, are our enemies (at least in the faith).  By carelessness or malice they may give us those elements that are at best illicit or at worst invalid materials for Mass.  Even when the brethren make these elements we must ever be on guard lest they do it wrong.  I learned some years ago that a Sister made hosts for a large area (long before Vatican II), and she told me that she added cake flour to the regular flour, thus making the hosts illicit.  I checked all the wine in a store, and every one of the bottles had on them, preservatives added.  For 20 some years now, I have used our own homemade wine, and not one drop of preservative ever went into any of it.  If that can be kept out of it that is the way to go.  Each place should make your own wine -- unless you depend on other areas for shipments.  If persecution hits you will still have to learn the trade of making hosts and wine as I explained in a previous newsletter. 

For making hosts you should have two stove heated flat irons, and two electrical (non-steam) flat irons.  That is the basic equipment for making hosts.  We may get some foundry to make bakers with long handles - as used before electrical equipment came along.  Get a hand powered grain grinder for the flour - as I have one in my home.  Also I have wheat on hand.  All this is just common sense preparedness. 


In the Divine Office, for Compline (the evening prayer for each day), the priest prays the admonition of St. Peter (I Peter, 5, 8-9) as follows: 
    �Be sober and watch: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour.  Whom resist ye, strong in faith: knowing that the same affliction befalls your brethren who are in the world.�
Especially during Lent we are to give up the unnecessary parties of merriment and perform the works of penance: prayer, fasting and almsgiving. 

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