Vatican & Obscene Artwork

Caritas Newsletter

February 1, 1998
by Fr. Lucian Pulvermacher, OFM Cap.

LIBERTY -- The Much Confused Term 

Here is a nugget from Father Edward Leen as found in The Church Before Pilate, on page 38: 
    ?On the lips of heretics and on the lips of those who are their more or less close followers, words completely change their meaning. 

    ?Liberty is their constant cry.  It does not mean, as it should mean, the unimpeded opportunity - the physical  and moral power for each man to do what he may and should do.  In theory, for the heresiarchs, human liberty means the power for each man to do what he likes to do.  In practice, it means for those who have been lured on by this mirage of liberty, the power to do only what the heresiarchs will them to do.  Liberty (the changed meaning) turns out to be a tyranny which enslaves a man, body and soul.?

What amazes me no end is the life style of the hippie generation.  They chafe under the demand that they conform to right order.  They say that the order of their elders was made by their elders - independent of God and right reason.  They claim the right to make their own code of conduct no matter what that may be.  In the end each one is forced to live in their new and distorted life style, and settle into complete degradation.  Rightly they are little more than human garbage.  Strange but true, it all starts with a false notion of liberty, also called freedom. 

Caviat - The Vatican & Its "Art"

I should tell you what I observed on a video given on Mother Angelica?s program.  In order to make money the Vatican of the Novus Ordo sold the rights to the pictures of the Vatican to a Japanese film company.  The company photographed the pictures in the Vatican just as they were - dusty and all that.  Then they renovated the pictures in the Sisteen Chapel (which I saw).  Over the years many of Michaelangelo nude pictures were covered with painted on shalls and loincloths.  In the interest of art and making money the Japanese had all those shalls and loin clothes removed to the bare nudity as Michaelangelo drew them. 

We now have a caviat on any videos of the Vatican.  In fact, the powers that be should have never permitted Michaelangelo to put that nude art in the most sacred places (or any place) of the Vatican - the center of the Catholic Church.  It is not likely that our true Pope will ever get possession of the Vatican, but if he does, he will have some house cleaning to do - lest he continue the four hundred years of scandal to the shame of one and all. 

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