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The Writings & Speeches

His Holiness Pope Pius XIII

October 30, 1998 to end of office.


General Documents

Caritas Newsletters
(was aproximate 6 - 9 times per year.)


October 30, 1998, �Ecclesia Catholica�
The Restoration of the Catholic Church.
October 1, 1999, �Tranquillitas Ordinis�
The Tranquillity of (The Social) Order.

General Documents

November 1, 1998, �Urbi Et Orbi�
Pope Pius XIII addresses The City and the World.
December 9, 1998, �Introduction Letter to the Japanese�
Letter in Romaji, written by Pius XIII
December 21, 1998, �The Novus Ordo has NO pope�
Sine Romano Pontifice
December 22, 1998, �Papal Judgment on Thuc Ordinations�
Is the Thuc-line of orders valid, invalid or doubtful?
January 6, 1999, �The Act of Perfect Contrition�
Forgiveness of sins when no priest is available.
January 8, 1999, �The Minister of Holy Orders�
Who may ordain & consecrate.
January 28, 1999, �The Brown Scapular�
Enrollment, requirements, & promises of Our Lady
February 15, 1999, �Praeambula Fidei�
Steps before Faith
March 6, 1999, �Papal Declaration on Novus Ordo Baptism�
It is Doubtfully Valid
March 17, 1999, �Honor�
Latria, Hyperdulia, Dulia & Simple Honor
April 29, 1999, �Vatican II Orders Invalid�
Shows why, using proofs from existing Church teaching
May 18, 1999, �Haeretici Episcopi� (Motu Proprio)
Heretical Bishops
October 15, 1999, �An Open Letter�
From Pope Pius XIII to the Catholic Family News.
October 29, 1999, �Vocation to the Clerical State�
What it takes for a man to be a priest, by Pius XIII.
Dec. 24, 1999, �The Chair of Peter Filled - Oct. 1998�
The Church can have only one pope.  Any election attempts with a pope in office is all for naught.
Feb. 15, 2000, �Evaluation of Vatican-Lutheran Accord�
an attempt to bring unity of doctrine between the bogus Novus Ordo Church and the Lutheran religion.
March 4, 2000, �Orders & Consecration by Pope-Priest�
shows why the pope (as a priest) can and did give Holy Orders and an Episcopal Consecration.
May 15, 2000, �Marriage Without a Pastor�
How Catholics may marry if a pastor is not available.  And what if one of the parties is non-Catholic?
May 25, 2000, �Reverse Paradigm�
Shows how modernism has twisted people's value system into reversing the notion of good and evil.
October 28, 2000, �The Pope and Divine Faith�
only those with Divine Faith can accept the pope, or �see� Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.
December 8, 2000, �Open Letter to Mount St. Michael�s�
exposes the errors at the Mount, and instructs the people that their soul can only be saved within the Church.
January 15, 2001, �The One World Church�
There are only two religions on earth: the religion of God and the religion of Satan.
March 16, 2002, �Promises of Salvation�
How to Interpret Them: Nine First Fridays, Five First Saturdays, Brown Scapular
May 26, 2002, �The Issue of Sexual Abuse by the Clergy�
Pope Pius XIII sets the record straight.
July 4, 2002 & forward, �Some Condemnations by Pope Pius XIII�
A Living Document which exposes the public evils which are prevalent in the world during Our papacy.
January 5 2005 - The Pendulum - a letter to the public� 
facts against the farms, gene altering of plants, which exposes the public evils which are prevalent in the world during Our papacy and on into the future.

Caritas Newsletters

November 15, 1998, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 001]
Newsletter by Pope Pius XIII
January 10, 1999, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 002]
Newsletter by Pope Pius XIII
April 5, 1999, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 003]
Newsletter by Pope Pius XIII
June 22, 1999, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 004]
Converts, the Roman Pontiff, 40 years, Cardinal Bateman, Book of Destiny, orders, vocations
July 21, 1999, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 005]
Apostolicity, Noe, Episcopal Consecrations, Revelations, Evangelical Counsels, Vows, Holiness & Persecution
Sept. 3, 1999, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 006]
Support of the Church, Cardinal Bateman, Laborers in God's Vineyard, Vocations, Papal Election, Marylike Standards of Modesty in Dress, Signs of the Times.
October 30, 1999, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 007]
Gradualism & Dialogue, Courtship.
Nov. 25, 1999, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 008]
Fornication, adultery, holiness, works of mercy, merit, 3 days darkness, Advent, calendar, obituary.
January 15, 2000, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 009]
St. Malachy Prophecy, Catholic Faith, Sabbath Day, Ex Opere, Prayer to St. Michael, Valid Election.
March 10, 2000, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 010]
Microcosm, 3 Days Darkness, My Life in Prayer Book, Scapular & Rosary, Lent, Holiness
April 27, 2000, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 011]
Psychological Seduction, Efficacious Faith, Contrition for Sins, Are You Lukewarm?, Mystery of Iniquity
June 10, 2000, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 012]
Announcement of Holy Orders, Ad Apostolorum Principis of Pius XII, Catholic Bible in Pictures
August 10, 2000, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 013]
Divine Providence, Visionaries & Pope Pius XIII, Apocalypse, Modesty in Dress
September 22, 2000, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 014]
False beatification by JPII, Jews & Christians, Cloning, UN Slavery, One-World Religion
November 20, 2000, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 015]
Contribute to support of the Church, How Teens Think, Books on prayer and philosophy.
January 6, 2001, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 016]
Satanists' Alpha & Omega, Vatican II false rituals, Civil Elections, United Nations, Jewish/Palestine War, Pets.
February 12, 2001, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 017]
Authority from God: How Civil and Ecclesiastical Authority must come from God, Do Penance.
March 15, 2001, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 018]
New Residence, How many sins forgiven?, Holiness, Sanctifying Grace, Pray, Remain Catholic, JPII-Muslims.
May 18, 2001, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 019]
O Christian - Know Thyself, A Lesson in How Not to Baptize, No Substitute for Faith, Decisive Grace.
July 20, 2001, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 020]
Steps to the Pope, By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them, Parable of the Camera, Holy Face of Jesus, Golden Arrow Prayer, Non-Catholic Marriages.
August 26, 2001, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 021]
Wearing Brown Scapular, Get to Heaven, Forbidden Societies, Know Your Enemies (Auguste Comte), Angels
November 7, 2001, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 022]
Where are you going?  Per Dominum, Obedience, Month of the Holy Souls
December 6, 2001, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 023]
Temptation to Sin, The Spiritual Life, Advent, War & Peace
January 15, 2002, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 024]
Terrorism & Revelation, Study Helps, Ask God for His Help, Working of the Gifts, Indwellling of the Holy Ghost, Blessed Virgin Mary
March 5, 2002, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 025]
Right Civil Order & National Sovereignty, Goffine, Bible History, Modernism, Lent 
April 12, 2002, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 026]
Heaven or Hell, Success or Failure, By Their Fruits..., the Fruits & Gifts of the Holy Ghost, Moral Virtues
June 25, 2002, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 027]
Radiesthesia, Pendulum, Vatican �Sold Out,� Home Schooling, Modesty in Dress
August 12, 2002, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 028]
Beautify or Uglify: Heaven or Hell, Sunday Suit, Catholic Art & Culture, Fear of the Lord, TAN: One bad book.
October 4, 2002, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 029]
Evangelical Counsels: Poverty, Chastity, Obedience; Damnable Mind-sets; Grow in Prayer Life.
December 8, 2002, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 030]
Apocalypse of St. John, Millenialsim, Rosary, Scapular, Golden Arrow.
January 16, 2003, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 031]
501(c), Counterproductive War, Ethics, Sunday Devotions.
March 1, 2003, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 032]
Retreat Meditation, 4 Last Things
April 20, 2003, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 033]
Spiritual Life as an Organic Whole, Internal Conditions of the soul, By their works..., 8 Beatitudes, Religious Life
May 25, 2003, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 034]
Faith Blindness is like Color Blindness, State What You Need in Prayer.
July 14, 2003, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 035]
Obedience has its foundation in God. Plus: The Dogma of Obedience. Progressive Petition in Prayer.
August 16, 2003, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 036]
Resisting the Known Truth, A Cutoff of Actual Grace.
October 25, 2003, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 037]
Magisterium...the Divinely appointed authority to teach, Faith and the pope, 2004 Calendar.
December 10, 2003, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 038]
Advent, Penance, Prayer, Fasting, Alsmgiving, Virtue of Hope
January 15, 2004, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 039]
Pope Pius XIII speaks on Freemasonry.
March 6, 2004, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 040]
Pope Pius XIII's condemnation of Homosexual Marriages. Also, the pope speaks on Celebacy & Marriage.
April 8, 2004, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 041]
Imitation of Christ, Sacred Art - Keep it Pure & Holy, Subliminal Seduction, The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson.
May 22, 2004, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 042]
WAR -- Just or Unjust -- Effective or Ineffective.
June 30, 2004, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 043]
Things Necessary for Salvation.
August 3, 2004, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 044]
God's Order or Chaos.
September 25, 2004, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 045]
Easter Duty - Its Mode of Observance is Extended.
October 26, 2004, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 046]
Basics of the Faith - What a Catholic must know and believe, the Commandments of God and Commandments of the Church.
December 5, 2004, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 047]
Reparation for Surreptitious Offences, Condemnation of Demonic Symbols, Hand & Finger Symbols, Broken Cross, Obelisk
January 20, 2005, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 048]
The Mystical Body - The Church
February 10, 2005, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 049]
The Blind Leading the Blind - Overturning Catholic Doctrine and Morality
March 10, 2005, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 050]
What is the Catholic Church Today? -- an analogy to Noah's Ark
April 27, 2005, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 051]
Easter Duty Extension, Perfect Contrition, Young Catholics leaving the Nest, Sanctifying Grace, Support of the Church, Vocations
May 22, 2005, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 052]
Pius XIII's 59th Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood, Religious Expressions, Immodest Dress
August 1st, 2005, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 054]
Dissobeying 1st Commandment, The Ignored Commandment of God
October 24, 2005, �Caritas Papal Office� [Issue 055]
Death Judgement Heaven and Hell
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