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Vision of God 

Caritas Newsletter

May 5, 1998
by Fr. Lucian Pulvermacher, OFM Cap.

May the grace and peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.


In the Northern Hemisphere, May brings us spring and the month of Mary.  She is the fragrant plant that brought to us the fruit of her womb, Jesus.  Honor to thee, O Mary, and all honor to Thee, O Jesus.  The war with evil and sin was and is between her Seed and Satan.  Having just celebrated the triumph of Our Lord in His glorious Resurrection we have every reason to rejoice.  All men of good will are able to triumph over Satan and all his machinations if they cooperate with the graces that Our Savior merited for us by the shedding of His Precious Blood.  We learn from Holy Mother Church that our approach to Our Lord should be made, largely, by using the powerful intercession of Mary who now reigns in heaven as Queen of all the Angels and Saints. 

Mary petitioned her Son to work His first recorded miracle, the changing of water into wine at the wedding feast of Cana.  Private revelation says that Mary had the option to go to heaven with her Divine Son when He entered heaven.  However, although she desired with all her heart to go with Him, she chose to remain with the Apostles as they began their great work of saving souls the world over. 

As we celebrate this month of Mary, let us beg for her powerful intercession.  Protestants, by the deceits of the devil, neglect to go to Mary as their mediator to her Son, Jesus Christ.  It is most pleasing to God that we go to Him through Mary.  Holy writers in referring to her call her the neck of the Mystical Body.  Christ is the head, and we are the members of the Mystical Body, the Church.  How fitting and necessary it is that we pass through Mary on the way to Jesus!  In the human body all messages go from the body to the head via the neck, and all messages from the head go to the body via the neck. 

All the prerogatives of Mary were given to her because she was chosen to be the mother of God.  She came into this world (redeemed by her Son) without original sin.  She, by the special function of God, became the virgin mother of God.  Finally, her body not knowing corruption (together with her soul) was assumed into heaven where, as we said above, she now reigns as Queen of all the Angels and all the Saints. 

At this time I want to ask all of you to join me in going to Mary to obtain her special protection.   It seems to me that we are now going into the �end times.�  Terrible things are taking place, and worse things seem to be on the way.  God revealed many things in the Scriptures for our benefit. We are supposed to study prophecy to see what God prophesied would come, is right at the door, or as they also say, �just around the corner.�  We must ask God to help us stand in the Faith to the end.  We live today because God wants to use these trials to make us into great Saints.  At the cost of exposing my knowledge to the enemy, I feel duty-bound to bring before you the works of Satan and his minions. 

Know Your Enemies 

Before I dive into the present day problem of the One World Government of the New World Order, I shall back up a bit into history.  The Jews as a whole (there are exceptions) blame Pope Pius XII for not helping them against the attacks of Adolf Hitler. Their blame is completely unwarranted. History is filled with heroic acts of protection that were given to the Jews by both Pius XI and Pius XII before and during the Second World War. 

For the present information I go to Veritas,  C & S RESEARCH,  P.O. BOX 43191, Louisville, KY 40243, Vol. 30, No. 3, March 1998. Subscription is $10.00 a year.  I quote from the above: 

    �Finally, against such anti-Catholic policy and persecution by the Nazi Socialist government, the Holy See, on March 14, 1937, issued the emphatic and profound Encyclical of Pope Pius XI, on the Situation on the Catholic Church in Germany (Mit Brennender, �With Burning Anxiety�).  It is the most penetrating description of the nature of those �intrigues which from the beginning had no other aim than a war of extermination.�
VERITAS reprinted much of the Encyclical in the March 1998 issue.  The various paragraph titles are: LETTER OF POPE PIUS XI... TRUE FAITH IN GOD...  RECOGNITION OF NATURAL RIGHTS...  TO THE YOUTH... TO THE FAITHFUL LAITY... 

I shall continue to quote the above mentioned VERITAS.  The German government�s retaliation also speaks for itself, and for the National Socialists. 

    �Twelve printing offices which printed the Encyclical were closed.  Religious periodicals which had reproduced its text were banned.  All copies which the police could lay hands on were confiscated.  Men and women who had transcribed or circulated the Encyclical were arrested.  The Nazi Socialists struck back too by putting a thousand clerics on trial on false charges. 

    NATIONAL CHURCH:  �In October 1941, Rosenberg (a German Jew) issued in a 30-point program the design for the state religion of National Socialism.  Among the numerous changes and innovations were these: annihilation of the Christian faith ... elimination of pastors, chaplains or clergy, and only National Reich orators are to have a right to speak ... printing and delivery of the Bible forbidden along with Sunday papers and writings, lectures and books with churchly content ... removal of the crucifix, the Bible, and all holy pictures ... recognizes no forgiveness of sins ... rejects baptism with water and the ritual of the Holy Ghost ... abolishes the sacrament of confirmation and communion ... will not tolerate the existence of any religious symbols ... cathedrals and chapels to remove the Cross of Christ which will be replaced by the bakenkreuz  as the �only unconquerable symbol of Germany.� 

    �Implementation:  The Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishops of Germany on March 22, 1942 tells how Rosenberg�s decree was enforced. 

    �The holding of religious services and exercises is made almost impossible; the religious press almost destroyed; the reprinting of religious books, catechisms, etc. is not permitted, while anti-Christian writings is permitted ...� 

Still quoting VERITAS: 
    �It finally led to WW II but the Religious part was hidden.  Behind it all was the dream of the false Zionists to once again Rule Jerusalem.  We need a State of our own was their Banner.�
Let me make a simple observation in regard to �correcting� Adolf Hitler and his henchman, Rosenberg.  After the death of Pius XI, Pius XII (shown right) became the Vicar of Christ.  Having been in the office of Pius XI, Pius XII knew all too well the whole situation.  He dearly wanted to blast Hitler, but that would have only made things worse.  We call that counter-productive.  In Rome, Pope Pius XII saved very many Jews from extermination, and on judgment day God may show the world that there was no more that he could do. 

I have a further observation.  It still has not been proved that more Jews died than Christians, at the hands of Hitler and Rosenberg.  If 6,000,000 Jews were not actually exterminated by Hitler, then how in the world could it be possible for Pius XII to know a non-fact?  Now that is something to think about. 

In The Remnant, April 15, l998, Robert K. Dahl in his closing words in Is the Catholic Church to Blame for the �Shoah?� says:  �Will the Pope�s latest apology to Judaism be sufficient? Of course not! Judaism will not be satisfied until the Church is entirely subservient to the New World Order.� 

Before I go on I shall communicate a generous offering  from VERITAS.  Here it is: 

    �For those of you who would like to study the full 43 Points covered by Pope Pius XI�s charges against the Nazi government, we have his complete Encyclical for the asking.  A supporter in San Jose, CA. paid for its printing last Fall.  The 3 priests (RIP) who started the �legal Brief� which is VERITAS WITH THE SHILLELAGH had us print part of this Encyclical way back in 1997.  But, at that time Catholics did not see the connection between the attacks against the Catholic Church by Hitler & his Zionist buddies and Jules Isaac in our times.  Today, numerous people see the tricks pulled on Catholics via the false Council of the 1960�s. So they see the connection to Zionism all around us today.  Send for your copy of the full 34 points. C & S Research, P.O. Box 43191, Louisville, KY 40243.�
Bringing malice and stupidity up to date, I have to announce that �bogus pope� John Paul II on March 16, 1998 condemned Pius XII for (what?): �Inaction against the Nazis by the Catholic Church....� If you ever want to fabricate a first class lie just go to John Paul II for some help. 

We move on to another atrocity in Rome.  My source for this information is: CATHOLIC FAMILY  NEWS, M.P.O. Box 743, Niagara Falls, NY 14302, dated February 1998, Vol.5, Issue 2. I developed a one sheet article on this topic, entitled: THE UNITED NATIONS OWNS AND RULES THE VATICAN.  Here is the news for all those who will pull their heads out of the sand.  I quote: 

    �A World Heritage Fund receives �obligatory contributions� from States that sign the Convention, fixed at 1% of their contributions to ... UNESCO.  THE HOLY SEE signed on October 7, 1982 - the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, which commemorates the victory of Christendom over the Turks in 1571 and 1716.� 
It should be noted that it was not taken away from the Vatican by the United Nations,  but it was given away by the Vatican to the United Nations. 

What a scenario!  John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II stole the Vatican and all Church property from the Catholic Church, and once they had it they gave it away to the United Nations. Those minions of Satan played their part in the formation of the One World Government in the New World Order of Satan.  God who is almighty and all-knowing, promised that His Church would last until the end of time.  Hence, in spite of all their efforts, somewhere in the world His Church will continue to exist. 

Christ�s Church, the Catholic Church, exists today just as Christ existed in His time on earth.  Evil men in His Church crucified Him and buried Him, and He arose from the dead on Easter morning - the victor.  Christ�s Church-men at bogus Council Vatican II crucified and buried His Church, and it will rise - the victor. 

Apocalypse (or Revelations)

For the sake of our Protestant readers I added �Revelations.�  Catholics call the last book in the Bible  �Apocalypse� and Protestants call it �Revelations.� 

Chapter 13 of the Apocalypse makes us give our prayerful attention. 

    �And I (St. John) saw a BEAST coming up out of the sea ... And the DRAGON gave him his own strength, and great power.� Then we go to verse 4: �And they adored the dragon which gave power to the beast: and they adored the beast, saying: Who is like to the beast?  and who shall be able to fight with him?� Apoc. 13: 1-2
I have studied these texts in the Haydock Bible where the comments of the Fathers of the Church are given.  Their comments leave it open to suspect that the beast is the One World Government of the New World Order.  Likewise, the dragon who empowers the beast is none other than Satan himself.  Our battle is not merely against flesh and blood but against the powers of hell itself.  God permits this evil in order to make great Saints.  For those who love God all things work unto good and everlasting glory.  We mortals, no matter how hard we try, cannot of ourselves beat up the dragon (Satan) and the beast (the One World Government).  St. John, hearing those braggarts,  revealed their satanic cheers: �And who shall be able to fight with him?�  To all the snoopers of this newsletter, be it known; you can no more keep the Catholic Church in the tomb (where it now rests) than could the guards keep the risen Body of Christ in His tomb after his Resurrection.  Shiver in your boots before the door of hell or repent of your sins! 

The last thorn in the  side of the One World devils is the fact that they still must contend with the loyal citizens of the United States who still have their guns.  The Second Amendment of the Constitution states the natural right that we have, to bear arms.  Evil men and women in the government are doing all they can to get the guns out of the hands of the ordinary citizens.  Many restrictions are in place, more restrictions (against the Constitution) keep on being made in both the Senate and House of Representatives (making them unfaithful to their oath of office - yes, making them traitors). The chief offenders in the United States are the members of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the Builderbergers and all those in the Masons, plus their underlings as the Lions, Shriners and the like.  As far as those organizations are concerned there is no such thing as individual nations.  All they want is the One World Government of the New World Order. It is the Tower of Babel all over again - to the disgust of God and the detriment of mankind. 

Every loyal citizen should make this crime a matter of his serious concern.  I shall introduce you to Dr. John Coleman who has issued a call to all citizens of good will to help in correcting the above violation of Constitution.  People in our country today, who now are deprived of their weapons, are being killed by thugs.  It is against the law of God to deprive a person of the right to self-defense.  When I think of the Pilgrim Fathers who founded our country, I remember the pictures of them in our history books.  You would see the men in their large rim hats and high boots with their muzzle-loading rifles on their shoulders.  Two in front of the group and two or three at the rear with the women and children un-armed in the middle - all on the way to Church.  King George of England did not like it, but those weapons drove him and his military out of the country. 

In the above mentioned World In Review, Dr. Coleman makes the following invitation. 

    �A grass roots movement is the only way (at least in my opinion) we are going to win our country back from the dark and evil forces that have it by the throat.  Together, in a grass roots movement, we CAN shake America free from the grip of foreign powers, powers the Tavistock Institute serves so well, foreign powers that are bent upon the destruction of America as constituted by our Founding Fathers.� 
Contact him at: W.I.R., 253 NORTH CARSON STREET, SUITE J-118, CARSON CITY, NV 89706.  Lawful courts must try, and must meet out justice, to our filthy traitors.  Down with the New World Order of Satan, and up with True World Order of God. 

Vision of God

In Grace and the Supernatural Life, by Father Edward Leen, C.S.Sp.  on page 37 we read: 
    �The Holy Ghost is the link between the creature and the Creator.  Through Him man is enabled to touch God.  For by grace in this world and by the flowering of grace in the next - that is, by the light of glory - the soul of man can tend towards the vision of, and the love of, God Himself.  It is true that the soul, though it contemplates and loves the �All� that God contemplates and loves, does not see with the completeness of God what it does see.  It grasps in a finite and limited manner what God grasps in an infinite way.  But it is the very same object that is laid hold of by created and untreated intelligence.  The creature is really and truly given to share in what constitutes the actual and exclusive life of God.�
Try to understand this.  By sanctifying grace we are (while still remaining creatures) �divinized.�  We are children of God and heirs of heaven.  Those in heaven enjoy contemplating God (although in a finite degree) in the same way God contemplates Himself, forever.  Those in hell never change their minds in regard to hating God, and those in heaven never change their minds in regard to loving God. It is absolutely imperative that we start our heavenly life on earth by ever living in the state of sanctifying grace.  The more grace and merit we have at death, the greater the degree of happiness we shall have in heaven, forever.  Amen. 

May the grace and peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. 

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