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United Nations

His Holiness
Pope Pius XIII
A Living Document
Beginning July 2002
Revised June 1st 2007


Living in this current time, one sees all around the world many actions, activities and programs which fall outside the moral code established by God and the ecclesiastical code established by God’s one true Catholic Church.   Some such activities occur in private, while others appear on the headlines of the world’s news agencies.  Whenever and wherever public evils occur, it is the duty of the Catholic clergy to expose such evils.  This, Our document entitled “Condemnations” presents to the world those evils which are prevalent in the world and which must be fought against with the zeal and prudence which God gives to His true followers.  In this fight, our adversary is no less than Satan himself, attempting to advance his lies and horrendous evils, by which the Devil wishes to gain more souls for an eternity of torment in Hell.   May St. Michael the Archangel be our protector against the evils thrust upon the world by the Devil and by his agents, often humans who think nothing of God and eternity, and who feel no pangs of conscience in their evil activities and teachings. 

“Condemnations” is a living document, meaning that it shall be appended to and grow as each new condemnation is presented, for as long as God gives Us life and strength.

Condemnations by Pope Pius XIII & some others of the true catholic church. 

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Condemnation of the United Nations Organization, July 4, 2002 
Condemnation of Homosexual Marriages, March 4, 2004  
Condemnation of UN by Rome itself in 1957 Francis Cardinal Roberti

Xit 666  tcc condemnation of the mark of the beast.

United Nations Organization
Condemned by Pope Pius XIII
July 4, 2002

The basic composition of society is determined by natural law.  That means, that it is implanted in the heart of men by the Creator how they are to live as social beings.  In Genesis  2, 18 it is written of Adam (God speaking): “It is not good for man to be alone; let us make him a help like unto himself.”  When God created Eve from a rib from Adam He established the fundamental unit of society, that is, the family composed of husband and wife.  A society composed of any other unit, whether that be the single parent setup or the homosexual couple, is contrary to laws of God.  Hence, they are to be avoided and forbidden by those in authority.  The Church has always forbade non-“husband and wife” units, and it is the duty of those in civil authority to maintain that right order. 

Given the fundamental components of the social order, men must work for their common good in organizations of the civil order.  The family composed of husband and wife is an imperfect society. That means that families do not have in themselves all the means to secure their development and general well being.  A unit of the civil order is required to have police protection, courts to secure justice, roads and bridges for travel, and a military to guard the borders of each particular state.  The state is a perfect society, for it has in itself all the means necessary to secure its end.  It becomes a moral person with a distinct personality.  It is so composed that the bond of piety unites all the members.  There is a brotherly relation between all the citizens.  Every citizen of every state must love his state to the extent that he is willing to give up his life for it.  This becomes evident in the willing workers in the state, such as the police and soldiers. 

Sociology books go at great length to explain how civil governments are composed.  Just what makes a state?  Is it a single language? No; for there are countries with multiple languages, and still they are united. Consider the state of Canada.  Is the state one government? No; for unjust divisions divide states, and they even end up with two governments or more, but the state still remains one, as seen in Ireland.  There is a natural call for it to be under one central government.  It is not necessary to prolong this by examples, for this document treats with the illegal United Nations Organization as it is seen in the world today.  Due to the fact that communications and travel are so quick and rather easy, men have concluded that the individual states are to be dissolved, and that there should be but one central government for the whole world.  Then there would be no borders and no sovereign and independent states. 

No matter how well such a universal state is composed it can never provide proper care for the citizens of the world as natural law requires.  There must be independent and sovereign states.  Those states must be composed by the rules of natural law.  They have ideals and a purpose all their own.  They have, so to say, a personality which makes the citizens different in each state.  The esprit de corps of the Japanese differs from that of the Chinese.  The esprit de corps of the Germans differ from that of the Italians.  It is a common and necessary way people want to conduct themselves. 

There are problems between countries that must be agreed on for the good of the individual states.  The borders must be set in such a way that the citizens on each side of the borders feel at home, and thus can love their homeland as a unit of civil society.  The use of rivers which supply the needs of many countries must be worked out.  The method of trade between countries must be determined, lest one country destroys the social order in the other country.  Air flight must be assisted for the safety and good of all concerned.  At the same time, each state must remain free and independent. 

Nations must work out their problems with other nations in such a way that no country loses its sovereign status.  For that reason there is a real need for some organization to facilitate the peaceful co-existence of all the sovereign states.  It is up to the nations to determine the composition and representation in that one world organization. 

The United Nations Organization (UNO) with its center in New York, which was founded largely by Communist elitists in 1948, is functioning in an unnatural way, and thus it is illicit.  It has no right to exist in the manner in which it functions.  The UNO is slowly gobbling up nation after nation, leaving their citizens without their sovereignty as individual nations.  No United Nations organization may have a military of its own. No soldier can be commanded by a ruler other than the head of his own nation.  The example that calls for correction is where an American soldier was commanded to remove his USA insignia from his uniform and put in its place the UNO insignia.  If and when such a command is given to every soldier in the world, there will be no more sovereign states.  Love and service of homeland will cease to exist.  Before God and man, such a formation is an abomination, and We as the Pope, the head of God’s one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, condemn it in no uncertain terms. 

The function of a true United Nations would be to work one agreement in a non-juridical forum.  It will be without soldiers and without a binding court, for both of these elements purport the loss of sovereignty in the individual countries.  When injustices are going on, the various countries can and must unite to solve those problems. 

Quite naturally it will be objected that this proposal is impossible.  Without God and His Church it is impossible.  All men must learn that when men refuse to let God and His Church rule them in the spiritual order, they will find that they will be ruled by tyrants whether they like it or not.  They will be powerless to withstand the socialistic minions of Satan from turning them into slaves. 

As this document is produced the whole world is experiencing terrorism.  There are many individuals who are causing terror, for they see injustices by the wealthy and powerful, and they want to correct that. They want freedom without being subject to God.  There are nations also that cause terror.  The Israeli government and the Palestinian people exchange terror, for both peoples want sovereign control of the total territory.  If no reasonable solution is found there will be terrorism to the end of time.  Once again, if both people became zealous members of God’s Church, the Catholic Church, it is likely that they would be able to work out an agreement that will end terrorism and bring about what Our Lord came to give: “peace on earth to men of good will.”  The identical program of peace applies to every individual person and every nation on earth.  Whether men want it or not, let it be known that as long as they will not have God rule them in the spiritual order they will have men rule them as tyrants in the civil order. 

Historical Observation

Our Lord Jesus Christ was born at a time when there was a one world government under Caesar.  His Church was birthed during the same era. By the directions and divine assistance of the Church that One World Government ended, and the Christian social order with sovereign states filled the earth.  Once again, if the world generally becomes Catholic the slip into the slavery of the now encroaching New World Order of the One World Government can be stopped, and once again sovereign states can fill the world.  In that form of civil order God ordained that men work out their eternal salvation, and that is their one and only reason for being on this earth. 

   Pius, pp. XIII 
   July 4, 2002

Homosexual Marriages
Condemned by Pope Pius XIII
March 4, 2004

In recent times, civil governments, local magistrates and politicians, have begun the horrific concept of performing marriages of homosexuals. This goes completely against the laws of God and His Church. We hereby condemn homosexual marriages, as We also condemn any sin against the laws of God and His Church.

As long as Bible History accounts continue to be told, men will know that God hates homosexuality and punishes homosexuality most severely. In Genesis 13, 11-12, it is written:

“And Lot (the brother of Abram) chose to himself the country about the Jordan, and he departed from the east: and they separated one brother from another. Abram dwelt in the land of Cana, and Lot abode in the towns that were about the Jordan, and dwelt in Sodom.”

Closely associated with city Sodom is the city of Gomorrah, and these 2 cities were punished together. The sin of homosexuality, called Sodomy, derives its name from the city of Sodom. Let those who practice the sin of Sodomy in the present time consider that God’s justice will prevail, just as it did when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone.

We are urged to speak out against homosexuality at this time because the ugly and boiling caldron of sodomy is boiling over in state recognized gay marriages. We remind you of the words of Our predecessor, Pope St. Pius X, who said, “Error is approved by non-resistance, and truth is suffocated by not defending her.” Hence, We both defend the sanctity of lawful marriage, and We condemn all sins of impurity against lawful marriages and their proper use.

We would presume that all those who read these words know what constitutes lawful marriage. However, in these days when liberals call the obvious into doubt, We must define what God set up in holy marriage. When God created Eve from a rib that He took from the side of Adam, He made her to be Adam’s helpmate, not his equal. Hence, in the unit of husband and wife there is a hierarchical order, which makes the husband-wife union into a single unit of human society.

In his Epistle to the Ephesians 5, 22-25 St. Paul writes:

“Let women be subject to their husbands, as to the Lord. Because the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the church. He is the savior of the body. Therefore as the church is subject to Christ: so also let the wives be to their husbands in all things. Husbands, love your wives, as Christ also loved the church and delivered himself up for it.”

When God united Adam and Eve in holy matrimony He made it that the bond of marriage lasted until death of one of the parties. During His life on earth Christ confirmed that mandate, a mandate that had been loosened temporarily during the Old Testament, when a man could have multiple wives.

There was never any situation where two men or two women could enter matrimony. All such unions were sinful, and society was to forbid any such public concubinage.

The purpose of marriage is the generation and education of children, to populate the earth and to fill heaven with saints. This is not a treatise on lawful marriage, but it is treatise on the Sixth Commandment, which is violated when those who enter homosexual unions obtain the pleasures of sex (however depraved) outside of lawful marriage. Lest the acceptance of gay marriages by civil law lead men into looking upon those marriages as lawful before God, We must speak out. All homosexuality in a civil marriage union and outside of a civil marriage union is a sin against the Sixth Commandment of God. No circumstances can ever permit such sexual unions.

God ordained that children be brought into this world only through lawful relations between husbands and wives. Children who are brought into this world by single parents see the immorality of their parents. They do not grow up where father and mother train them in natural knowledge and above all in the science of the saints, that is, being taught how to live in this world in order to gain heaven. Children who are adopted by two persons in a state-sanctioned homosexual union also see the immorality of their caretakers and will likely grow up thinking that such behavior is normal. How sad for these children! Their eternal soul is in great danger. In Matthew 18, 6, Our Lord said, regarding those who would give scandal to young children:

“But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

The pleasures of sex are permitted and good only in the context of lawful marriage. Even in lawful marriage the pleasures of sex are permitted only in the lawful use of marriage. Hence, unnatural acts are also forbidden to married couples. They may not frustrate the effect of the marriage act by any form of birth control, which would be in effect taking the pleasures of sex without accepting the responsibility of parenthood. That is a topic for another treatise in moral theology.

We shutter when a person tells Us that he or she is “gay.” It is amazing such people would portray themselves as being honorable in that state. The innuendo that comes through is that the person was born to be that way, just as a white man was born to be a white man and a black man was born to be a black man. We are what we are in our color, and there is nothing we can do about it. It is God-given. We cannot admit that the tendency towards living as a homosexual is anything else than an expression of the fall of Adam in paradise. By his original sin, Adam lost not only sanctifying grace but he also lost the preternatural gifts. Holy Writ records that after the fall, Adam and Eve became ashamed of their nakedness. That was not the case before the fall. It is recorded that they made garments of leaves to cover themselves, and later God also clothed them. It is clear that the tendency to take unlawful sexual pleasure is the result of original sin. Sexual pleasure alone or with others outside the proper use of marriage is generically one problem. When a man lives with a woman without the contract of marriage, it is a violation of the Sixth Commandment. When a man lives with another man in a homosexual situation (or a woman with a woman), it is also a violation against the Sixth Commandment. Even if the state sanctions gay marriages, the sin of sodomy continues to be the same.

It is important to understand that God and His Church deals with the tendency toward sins of the flesh between persons of the same sex just as with all sins of the flesh, whether that be fornication, adultery, self-abuse or any other sexual behavior, in thought, word or deed.

Since sodomy is a sin, it must be dealt with as a sin. No matter how much one is attracted to a person of the same sex (an unnatural mindset to be sure), he can never do anything that will make such a relation a good one. A single man who is attracted to a single woman can proceed to get married to her. After marriage their rightful relations in marriage are good and honorable before God and man. A gay marriage which is sanctioned (wrongfully so) by the state always remains a non-entity before God. Their life is one continuous series of violations of the Sixth Commandment.

Gay marriages are destructive of human society. They produce no children of themselves. When they adopt children, they destroy them by their bad example. Children need the setting of a father-mother partnership. The father generally secures law and order in the family. The mother provides a special love for the children. All live in obedience to the father. We see a wonderful example of this in the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

When the Christ child was twelve years old, the Holy Family went to Jerusalem for a customary worshiping rite. As recorded in Luke 2, 51, after Mary and Joseph found the child Jesus in the temple, and from there

“… he went down with them and came to Nazareth and was subject to them.”

The God-Man, Jesus Christ, placed Himself in a position where two human beings, husband and wife, directed Him during His human development.

The state is made up of individuals and societies that have God-given rights prior to the existence of the civil society. God establishes the family of one man and one woman, and God commanded Adam and Eve to increase and multiply. The homosexual unions of two men or two women can never fulfill of themselves the command to increase and multiply. Hence, before God it has no right to exist, and the state cannot give such persons the right to get married or even to live together. The state has no right to attempt to violate God’s commands. The state has no right to sanction any sinful behavior. If and when the state interferes with the natural rights of legitimate families, the state contradicts its own end.

Just what should be done with regard to the present menace where governments around the world are permitting homosexual marriages? As that immoral practice develops, it spreads like a prolific virus. The citizens must curb that evil by establishing laws that are in accordance of natural and divine law. The citizens must elect officials who uphold God’s laws rather than trample them under foot. God has made it that there are two perfect societies. One is His Church, and the other is the civil government. The Church is set over the state because the spiritual power is over the material power. Hence, the Church has the obligation not to interfere with the state when it does well, but it has the right and duty (plus the obligation) to veto civil operations that are evil.

When the general citizenry happens to be Catholic, the state will receive directions from the Church. One can see this unfold as he reads history. The more pagan the citizens are, the more terrible are their civil laws. Today We raise Our voice in condemnation of homosexual marriage. Such unions are always sinful. They work for the destruction of good order in the state. They work for the general lowering of all morals standards, and they proliferate souls who generally live their lives in the state of mortal sin. The likelihood that they die that way is great. Hence, the purpose of God’s creation is frustrated, because human beings who are destined for heaven will instead go to hell. This world was made by God to produce human beings who in turn were to be elevated by the state of sanctifying grace. In that state alone can persons enter heaven. All those who do not enter heaven, of necessity, will go to hell.

   Pius, pp. XIII 
   March 4, 2004 

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