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Caritas - Papal Office
by His Holiness Pope Pius XIII
February 10, 2005
Issue 049 

“Overturning Catholic Doctrine and Morality”

Generally Our readers know that We have nothing to do with the Novus Ordo Catholic Church headed by (John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I) John Paul II. Hence, all of those who are one with Us in the true Catholic Church will not accept anything that is issued from that Rome (or that Novus Ordo Church) since the death of Pope Pius XII on October 9, 1958, as binding on the faith.

Just recently a unique aberration leaked out of the John Paul II teaching office. It is of such a nature that it links up with things that were of concern and of course condemnation by Our predecessor, Pope Pius XII. It has to do with the enjoyment of sex outside of a valid marriage. This novel teaching is discussed and condemned in the traditional publication (not united with Us) entitled SI SI NO NO in English translation by the Angelus Press, 2915 Forest Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64109, USA. The issue to request is the October 2004 issue. It is the #60 Reprint of SI SI NO NO.

We have on file photographs of John Paul II that have the overall caption [DELL’ALBUM POLACCO DI PAPA GIOVANNI PAOLO II]. Those telling photographs have John Paul II in recreation shorts, one where he is napping beside a woman in casual clothes and a boy about four years old, well resembling John Paul II, likely his son, playfully crawling on his back. The source of the article is captioned: A NEW KIND OF POPE.

We were told that he gave out those photographs expecting them to be published. Obviously the seminarians and priests were being lead to conclude that if they missed out on a sex life it was “their own fault.”

We come back to the SI SI NO NO article. Happily the article lays its foundation by standing on a declaration of the Council of Trent which is as follows:

“If anyone says that the married state is to be preferred to the state of virginity or celibacy, and that it is not better and happier to remain in virginity or celibacy than to be united in matrimony [cf.. Matt. 19:11 ff.; I Cor. 7:25 ff.; 28:40]: let him be anathema.” – Council of Trent, Session XXIV, Canon 10 (Dz. 980).

The report on the Vatican goes on: A message was recently delivered to the international symposium on the “dignity and rights of the mentally handicapped person” in the name of John Paul II. In this document one reads that:

Care for the affective and sexual dimensions of the handicapped person (including the mentally handicapped) deserves particular attention. This aspect is often ignored, or treated in a reductive or frankly ideological fashion. The sexual dimension is, however, one of the constitutive dimension of the person, who, created in the image of God who is Love, is from his beginning called to actualize himself in encounter and communion. [end quote]

Before We criticize the statement attributed to John Paul II, We must give Our understanding of his words. First of all, by including in his treatment of sex not only normal persons but also those who are mentally handicapped he is making his teaching apply as if it were universal and applicable to all men, that is, it leaves no one out. It even leaves out the element of choice. In other words, if one chooses celibacy he becomes less than human. Why is that? He says that his teaching on the use of sex is a “constitutive dimension of the person.” Hence, if what he proposes in regard to sex is denied or just neglected there is a defect in the human person. In other words if one who does not have sex “encounter and communion” he/she is less than a perfect human being.

To repeat, John Paul II says that each and every man “is from his beginning called to actualize himself in encounter and communion…in the sexual dimension.” That statement contradicts not only the defined teaching of the Council of Trent, as it is quoted above, but it also goes counter to all Catholic teaching and practice.

As a starter, it belittles Our Lord Jesus Christ, who was celibate. Likewise, it belittles the Blessed Virgin, Mary who was celibate even in her marriage to St. Joseph, also celibate.

When Christ spoke of eunuchs in Matthew 19, 12 He say of the voluntary eunuchs or single life, “He that can take it let him take it.” By His example He shows that being celibate in no way diminishes the perfection of the person.

St. Paul extols the excellence of voluntary celibacy in (I Cor.7-8) where he wished that all would be as he was, that is, celibate. He certainly did not want to advise his listeners to embrace a state of life that was less perfect than the marriage state. In fact in our fallen nature marriage may even be a hindrance to attaining high sanctity, while the very condition of dedicated celibacy opens the road to higher sanctity and thus to a higher degree of bliss in heaven.

While she extols the superiority of voluntary celibacy over marriage, the Church in no way demeans the state of matrimony. Sex in lawful marriage is necessary for the perfection of society, and therefore in its place it is good, and it was so ordained by the creator.

When Our Lord spoke of the future life in heaven He said, “in the resurrection they shall neither marry nor be married, but shall be as the angels of God in heaven” (Mt. 22, 30). It is clear that what is transitory, something lived on this earth and not in heaven, cannot belong to the perfection of the human person. It sure would be ridiculous to assert that all the Saints in heaven are less than perfect human beings, that is, human cripples.

John Paul II, by including the mentally handicapped among those who are called on to “actualize himself in encounter and communion” of sex, flies in the face of the moral order. Sex is permitted only in the context of a valid marriage. The mentally impaired (the insane) cannot make the contract of a valid marriage. Hence, according to John Paul II sex “encounter and communion” belongs to the insane where no marriage is even possible.

While speaking with the Apostles, Our Lord told them of their future reward, and in that talk he extolled abnegation and even the giving up of a wife. He said (Math 19, 29) “And every one that hath left house or brethren or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands for my name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold and shall possess life everlasting.”

It is interesting to note that there were Novus Ordo idols during and after bogus Council Vatican II (1962-1965). Those men watered down the practice of celibacy by having what they call “chase love” affairs.

The real marriage union between Mary and Joseph was had to conceal the virgin birth of Christ from the public, which could very well have accused the Blessed Virgin of illicit sex in conceiving Christ, had the celibate Joseph not been beside her, appearing as her partner in conceiving Christ. The fact is Mary conceived only by the operation of the Holy Ghost.

During and after bogus Council Vatican II (1962-1965) some priests became idealistic leaders of the bogus direction of the faith. They traveled extensively and spoke to large audiences, plus they published all kinds of papers on what was billed as the new theology. Pastors and Religious superiors held up those perpetrators of evil as tin gods. If they said something, no matter how bizarre, it had to be accepted as true, and like it or not, their subjects had to verbally accept it or remain silent.

We recall most clearly three priests who quite secretly had their consorts, in practice, billed as unions with chaste love. Before bogus Council Vatican II chastity was viewed as a virtue that could be maintained only by prayer and constant vigilance, and that will forever be the truth.

Here are the names of the priests We must criticize as perverters of holy purity and a scandal especially to the younger clergy.

The first one was Father Hans Urs von Balthasar, and his so-called chase lover was Adrienne von Seyer. The twofold evil in that situation was the fact that bishops and Religious superiors urged on their subject the acceptance of their perverted doctrines and liturgical aberrations. As this was public knowledge, when We (prior to Our elevation to the papacy) criticized those men as being outside of correct Church teachings Our superiors accused Us as being involved in “negative thinking.” Just think of it; “negative thinking” leaves the subject in the air. It does not say he is wrong. It merely says that he is involved in a bad-thinking process – whatever that could be!

Another very popular priest writer was Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. He was an exotic leader in studies on evolution, a discipline that no Catholic may pursue. In the first book of the Bible, that is, the book of Genesis, God revealed that, “In the beginning God created heaven and earth.” De Chardin’s lady-lover was a Protestant divorcee, Lucille Swan. The bad air of the Novus Ordo religion produced many sick minds, and those in charge of the clergy, foisted those aberrations onto their subjects. As We look back We utter a prayer for Our deceased superiors, so that if they made it to purgatory, they may rest in peace.

It is hardly possible for any Novus Ordo library to be without the writings of Father Karl Rahner, S.J. He, like the other two priests We exposed, generally appeared in civilian clothes having a dress shirt with a necktie. That put in disrepute the Roman Collar as a sign of the priest. The priests who still continued wearing the Roman Collar were looked down upon as being out of step with the times. The lady lover of Father Karl Rahmer, S.J. was Luise Rinser. It is interesting to note that Luise Rinser was able to publish her letters, but the Jesuits have forbidden the publication of Father Rahmer’s letters. Amazingly Karl Rahmer and his lady-love claimed to “walk on the peak of chase sexual love.” We remind anybody who wished to dabble in such a dangerous and novel life style what God says in (Eccl. 3: 27), he “who loves danger will perish in it.”

Even to this day the Teilhardians say, that “without the feminine, man has no access to maturity and spiritual fullness.” There is every reason to believe that John Paul II and/or those who helped him to compose the document given above were influenced by the Teilhardian concept of the necessity of sex “encounter and communion.” In other words all of them are telling the world that where there is no sex encounter and communion there is no perfect human person or existence.

It would be a disservice to those in the married state to neglect to treat the matter of development and perfection in their married state. The Creator instituted marriage when he gave Eve, His newly created woman, to Adam to be his wife.

The right order of things must always be kept in perspective. The purpose of religious life in perfect chastity has for its purpose the perfection of the individual. Those in the married state are also to develop, even become saints as far as possible. However, the perfection of the spouses is in the service of bringing children into this world.

On October 29, 1951 Pope Pius XII gave an allocution to midwives. We shall give a paragraph from his allocution that is most important for the correct understanding of the present dispute about the end of marriage in contrast to the end for which a life in chastity is involved. We quote,

“Matrimony, as an institution of nature, in virtue of the Creator’s will, has not as a primary and intimate end the personal perfection of the married couple, but the procreation and upbringing of new life…Even all personal enrichment – spiritual and intellectual – all that in married love as such is most spiritual and profound, has been placed by the will of the Creator and of nature at the service of posterity.”

In no way does Our predecessor, Pope Pius XII, permit the teaching, that the single laity and those who become religious, living in the state of chastity, are to be looked down upon as some kind of cripples.

In his Allocution to Religious Superiors, Sept. 15, 1952 Pope Pius XII wrote:

“Today we want….to address ourselves to those who, priests or laymen, no longer have a word of praise or approval for virginity consecrated to Christ; who, for some years, notwithstanding the warning of the Church and contrary to her mind, concede to matrimony a preference in principle to the state of virginity; they even come to the point of presenting it as the sole means capable of assuring the human personality its development and its natural perfection; those who speak and write in such manner should be aware of their responsibility before God and before the Church.”

In other words, Pope Pius XII is telling those preachers and writers who extol the married state to be over or above the religious state that they are wrong, and the curse of God will descend on them. Just think what Pope Pius XII would say of those destroyers of truth if he saw what is going on today right out of what used to be his office, while he ruled as the Vicar of Christ.

It is Our sacred duty to proclaim the truth from the Chair of Peter as the Vicar of Christ today. We speak in unison with all Our predecessors from St. Peter until the death of Pope Pius XII on October 9, 1958. After the death of Pius XII We see a steady stream of outright dirty or at least murky waters flowing from what was until 1958 the seat of the true papacy. Today, impostors have invaded the offices in the Vatican, but We carry on the work of the Papacy from our little office here in the State of Washington, USA.

It is possible that some of Our readers may think that We are overly concerned about the errors in faith and morals that come out of the Vatican from bogus men posing as Popes. All We can say is this, it is even worse than the general public observes.

We shall introduce you to the books that expose the sexual filth now in the Novus Ordo Church of John Paul II. The books are: “In The Murky Waters of Vatican II” by Atila Sinke Guimaraes and its appendix also printed in a special edition entitled: “The Catholic Church and Homosexuality,” TAN Books and Publishers, Inc., Rockford, Illinois 61105 USA. The mindset of Atila Sinke Guimaraes is that the Novus Ordo Church in the Vatican today is the same Church that existed before 1958 except that it has fallen into error, both in faith and morals. De facto, it is just as Protestant as the Lutheran Church or the Church of England, and this new Protestant Church is likely to remain as it is, that is, a Protestant Church to the end of time.

This newsletter is not large enough to give an extensive treatment of what is in the books by Guimaraes. Since those books are readily available at a very reasonable price We shall touch on just a few facets of this homosexual problem and how the Protestant Vatican II Church broke the news of their leading the world into error, in satanic brain washing steps.

The satanic program that went into effect as soon as Pope Pius XII died is as follows. In a surreptitious manner they say that they are entirely in accord with all the teachings of God and His Church. Then they make the bend from orthodoxy into error by saying that they are dealing with men, and as such they must have compassion. They must apply the teachings and moral directions to fit the present day situation. Gradually the public goes around the corner with those heretics. Like sheep lead to the slaughter, the public follows those devils in clerical garb, not knowing that they are being lead into error and into an entirely new Protestant religion. In other words, the public is being lead into hell, and they feel confident that everything is perfectly all right.

The news that generally gets out is that priests are being blamed for their pedophilia crimes, and the bishops are draining the dioceses of their funds in order to pay the fines. Step by step one parish after the other is being closed down.

The main burden of this newsletter to expose the evil doctrines that are coming right out of John Paul II’s offices. We must also point out that a large number of Novus Ordo bishops from all over the world are foisting on the world immorality in teaching and practice.

We take a quotation from the book, given above, The Catholic Church and Homosexuality from page 50 #81:

“As far as England is concerned, we will delve only into the “Hume affair,” which caused scandal in March and April of 1995. The case had two aspects: the doctrinal and the political-ecclesiastical. From the doctrinal standpoint, Cardinal Basil Hume, Archbishop of Westminster and Cardinal Primate of England and Wales, released a statement to the press about homosexuality. On some points, it goes even beyond the concessions to homosexuality made in the document of the Holy See and clashes with Catholic tradition. It says: ‘The Church recognizes the dignity of all people and does not define or label them in terms of their sexual orientation.’ Further on: ‘The particular orientation or inclination of the homosexual person is not a moral failing…. Being a homosexual person is, then, neither morally good nor morally bad; it is homosexual genital acts that are morally wrong.’”

#82 continues:

“First, by reducing moral culpability only to acts, Msgr. Hume appears to legitimize sinful thoughts and words, which can cause equal culpability in concession to the vice of homosexuality or to an other vice, as Catholic doctrine has always taught. Thus this omission by the Cardinal can hardly sit well with Church teaching.”

…and the treatise goes on and on from country to country and bishop to bishop, all saying about the same thing.

Catholic teaching has always condemned homosexuality in thought, word and deed. No consideration of person or affection can change that. Those who change one iota of that teaching bring on themselves the just wrath of God.

We loathe closing this treatise in the necessary sad note that goes along with condemning the teachers and performers of homosexuality. We shall quote from the book, The Meaning of Life, by Bishop Alban Goodier, S.J. dated 1914. Blessed are they who can go through life in holy innocence. In extolling innocence Bishop Goodier says:

“Innocence will walk through fire and will not burn; it will live amid refuse and will not be stained; it will venture where greater so-called knowledge, greater so-called experience, would not wisely dare, and will come away unscathed. It is its own defense; it believes, because itself is true and is believed in turn; it trusts, because it has not in itself the greatest source of doubt, and is trusted; it shows in itself human nature at its best, and receives in return the best and the worst of human nature.” (Christ like!)

Pius, pp. XIII
February 10, 2005

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