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Reverse Paradigm
Good Becomes Evil
Truth Becomes Falsehood
His Holiness Pope Pius XIII
May 25, 2000

By the natural light of human reason, every normal human being comes to the knowledge of the Creator.  The Creator is the only uncaused cause.  All created beings come from Him.  Those who have the added virtue of divine faith also know, from God Himself, that He created all things, and that He created all things out of nothing.  In the opening words of Genesis, the first verse reads: “In the beginning God created heaven and earth.”  The sequel to creation is that the Creator will judge all men justly.  Since the beginning of the New Testament, every single person must also know and believe in the Blessed Trinity and the Incarnation.  The good people, that is, those who die in sanctifying grace, will be rewarded with heaven.  Those that die in mortal sin will be punished in hell forever.  People with this knowledge alone are urged to live a life that will bring them to the beatific vision of God in heaven forever.  Likewise, they will be most careful that nothing they might do in life, will be deserving of hell. 

All of us have had experiences where bad advice has lead us to some form of misery.  Any advice that leads to hell is the greatest of all evils.  In this treatise, Our first example of diabolical advice is that which is given by evolutionists.  Why?  It is because evolutionists deny the very existence of the Creator.  When the Creator is not known, God is not known.  When there is no known God, there is no idea of heaven and hell.  In fact, the very idea of any future life is lost.  The result is that there are no rules for moral conduct.  Human beings become no more than animals.  In fact, they become worse than animals, for animals have a blind instinct, from God, to act properly.   God directs man by commands, not instincts. 

Before condemning evolutionists, it is only fair to hear from their own mouths exactly what they teach.  In the daily paper, The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Washington, for May 7, 2000, there is an article entitled, “Educators urged not to fret over creationism,” by Julie Goodman (Associated Press).  In order not to violate the copyright rules it is necessary to paraphrase the article. 

A Harvard Professor of evolutionism, Stephen Jay Gould, proposed to a group of educators, at a symposium, that they should not panic over creationism, which he labels as an American “bizarrity.”  He remarked that the teaching of creationism may seem insidious.  However, it is not “a worldwide movement.”   He took a swat at a Kansas Board of Education which “de-emphasized evolution” as taught in public schools.  He rightly defined creationism as the belief that “a divine power” (not calling Him God) created the universe in six days. Nevertheless, he said: “The theory of evolution holds that humans evolved from more primitive species.”  (end) 

The very concept of evolving presupposes materials that can evolve into something that they are not.  The evolutionists can never explain where the original materials came from.   They are forced to live in a mindless vacuum. 

Those living in the vacuum of evolutionism have no source for moral conduct outside themselves.  If they would recognize the voice of conscience they would automatically recognize the Creator.  Hence, without God who is external to creation, and without the God-given voice of conscience, the people of evolutionary philosophy have only their benighted human reason to point out personal conduct and social order. 

The good that follows from creationism is now looked upon as bad, and the evil of evolutionism is now looked upon as good.  That deception disconnects men from reality. 

Without going into depth in these cases, We shall enumerate other cases where deception makes good appear to be evil and evil to appear to be good. 

In The Spokesman-Review mentioned above, for May 9, 2000, the United States is found to be the fault for the deaths of Cubans who die in the attempt to flee to the Florida from Cuba in order to be free.  The Communist Party daily Granma is quoted as saying:  “Every grave incident of a boat-wreck, kidnapping or death will be known by our people and by the world public opinion as irrefutable proof of the cynicism of the policies of the United States against Cuba.”  The 1966 U.S. law which allows Cubans who reach American soil, to avoid deportation is characterized as a “killing machine.”  The obvious truth is this: the “killing machine” is in the Land of Fidel Castro, and it drives his persecuted citizens to make that dangerous trip to some hoped-for freedom in the United States. Fidel Castro wants to be the good hero, so he makes the enemies of Communism to be evil. 

The greatest deception on earth is the Novus Ordo Church which was founded immediately after the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958.  The hypocritical false Popes, Cardinals and Bishops of the bogus Council Vatican II, destroyed the holy doctrines and sacraments of the Catholic Church, and at the same time they kept the name and property of the Catholic Church.  The trick of the devil was to deceive, if possible, even the elect.  The counterfeit Church had to satisfy sinful liberal criminals all the way from convenient heresies to degrading sex crimes.  She had to imitate the true Catholic Church just enough to keep those who were of good will to remain in her.  Once the faith is destroyed the deception of Satan holds the world in his satanic grip. 

For those who may still have divine and Catholic faith, We can point to the process of deception as it is found in a book available to you today.   The book is by a priest-reporter who covered the bogus Council Vatican II, by the name, Father Ralph M. Wiltgen, SVD.  The book has the apt name: The Rhine flows into the Tiber, and it is available from TAN Books and Publishers, for US$15.00 plus p/h US$3.00.  The address is P.O. Box 424, Rockford, IL 61105-5876.  (800) 437-5876.  What makes the title so apt?  It is because the moral sewage of heresy and immorality that was in the Rhine, in Europe, flowed into clean waters of the Tiber that flow under the bridge that leads to the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican, where the bogus Council was held.   Illumined souls who avoided the heresies of Vatican II were deceived into [external] schism from the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.  It makes no difference in the end which course was followed, for both heresy and schism lead inevitably to hell. 

A classical case of deception can be seen in China.  Under the pressure of that Communist government, many Bishops in China formed a national Catholic Church where the state appoints and rules the Bishops.  Pope Pius XII excommunicated those Bishops, and still they continued in spite of their separation from Rome.   Those Bishops took with them the Catholics who were satisfied to be “Catholics without union with the Pope.”  Schism is a disease of the faith and a mortal sin.  Hence, those false Catholics lived and still live a life of futility, yes, sheep without their God-given shepherd, the Pope. 

In order for Satan to get the remaining true Catholics in China to leave the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, he pulled a new trick out of his sleeve.  Since some of you may want to read the step by step operation of this deception We give you the source of this information.  We quote from a very well-produced publication that continues the deception of the Jesuit priest, Father Leonard Feeney.  His insidious deception was the denial of the baptism of desire and blood.  The publication is From the House Tops, Vol. XXXVI, No, 1, Serial No. 71, St. Benedict Center, 282 Still River Road, P.O. 1000, Still River, MA  01467.  We quote from this unapproved source, for it is the only source of this information available to Us.  The title of the article is Ignatius Cardinal Kung Pin-Mei.  He was the Bishop of Shanghai, and he lived from August 2, 1901 until March 12, 2000 dying at the age of 98.   As a true martyr he suffered for his faith in a Chinese prison for thirty years.  Who would ever believe that he would become, very likely unknown to himself, the instrument of deception? 

The biographical sketch of Bishop Kung shows him in a picture at the time of his becoming the first native Bishop of Shanghai in 1949.  At that time the Communists were taking over all of China.  Bishop Kung was loved by his people.  At a rally in 1953, the faithful praised him, saying: “Bishop Kung, in darkness, you light up our path.  You guide us on our treacherous journey.  You sustain our Faith and the traditions of the Church.  You are the foundation rock of our Church in Shanghai.” 

Bishop Kung and 200 priests were arrested on September 8, 1955 [two years before the death of Pope Pius XII], and they remained faithful to Rome.  When Bishop Kung was on trial for being a true Bishop he professed his faith, thus: “I am a Roman Catholic Bishop.  If I denounce the Holy Father, not only would I not be a Bishop, I would not even be a Catholic.  You can cut off my head, but you can never take away my duties.”  For thirty years he lingered in prison.  Then the devil played his final monstrous act treachery on the faithful Catholics in China.  Bishop Kung was released from prison, and he visited John Paul II in Rome.  The article in “From the House Tops” has a very clear picture of Bishop Kung in a friendly hug with John Paul II and receiving a kiss from John Paul II on his forehead – the kiss of all treachery.  He accepted John Paul II as the true Pope of the true Catholic Church, and with that he very likely lead [very likely unknown to himself] the remaining true Catholics in China out of the true Catholic Church and into the bogus “Catholic Church” of Vatican II.   Sometimes what the devil and his minions cannot  accomplish with acts of cruelty,  they can accomplish with hugs and  kisses. 

John Paul II elevated Bishop Kung to be a Cardinal, which act (satanic to the extreme) made him stand high in the estimation of the true Catholics in China.  Novus Ordo Bishop Sheen wrote: “The West has its Mindszenty, but the East has its Kung.  God is glorified in His Saints.”   Bishop Kung Pin-Mei died at 3:05 a.m. on Sunday, March 12, 2000, in Stamford, Connecticut.  He was 98 years of age.  May his soul rest in peace. 

The drama of deception for the loyal Catholics of China closed with the Requiem Funeral Mass in Latin for Bishop Kung.  As far as the devil is concerned, he captured by cruelty many Catholic Bishops in 1956, putting them under Communist Chinese rule, and thus they became “Catholics” without a Pope.  Likewise, the devil corralled the lovers of the true Pope, under bogus Pope John Paul II.   The conundrum before us is this.  There are faithless people who are perfectly satisfied to be Catholics without any Pope.  At the same time you have faithless people who are perfectly satisfied to be “Catholics” with a bogus Pope, John Paul II.  It makes no difference as to the method, as long as the powers of evil can corral souls into hell.  They march gleefully all the way to their fools paradise, known as hell. 

In conclusion, the Reverse Paradigm will continue to the end of time.  Before the people of the world, Christ was the bad one on the Cross; the High Priests were the good ones crucifying Him.  Good is portrayed as evil, and evil is portrayed as good.  The gullible public, refusing the rule of Christ and His Vicar, accept the rule of their passions and of the minions of hell.  At the general judgment at the end of the world, God will place all things in their proper place.  There will be a just reversal of the Reverse Paradigm.  Evil men will be in hell, and good men will be in heaven, forever. 

   Given in Spokane, Washington, USA, May 25, 2000 
   Pius, pp. XIII 
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