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Open Letter
All Persons Going to Mount St. Michael's
in Spokane, Washington, USA, for Religion
His Holiness Pope Pius XIII
December 8, 2000

Editor’s Preface

Mount St. Michael’s presents itself to the world as a “traditional Catholic” parish, run by traditional priests, reporting to a traditional Bishop.  Yet all the traditional trappings in the world do not make it a Catholic parish, if it is not subject to the true Roman Pontiff.  Latin Masses are no masses at all if the priests do not have valid orders, something that must be judged by the Pope.  Even when Holy Orders are valid, their Masses and sacraments give no graces to the traditionalists remaining outside the Church. The Council of Florence (Denz. 714) lays down the following:  
“… that no one, whatever almsgiving he has practiced, even if he has shed blood for the name of Christ, can be saved, unless he has remained in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church.” 
Mount St. Michael’s occupies a grand and prestigious old seminary on top a magnificent mountain, overlooking Spokane, Washington, USA, and sadly, all that beauty merely masks the underlying non-Catholic nature of “The Mount.”  This Open Letter from Pope Pius XIII to the people of the Mount exposes the errors of the leadership at the Mount, and it urges the people to consider that their soul can only be saved within the true Catholic Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Open Letter from Pope Pius XIII

What is wrong with the Mount in regard to man’s relation to God, and man’s ability to get to heaven? 

The very constitution of the Church is violated in that the congregation and clergy at the Mount do not have a Pope.  They show no interest in finding the Pope nor even in giving a good-faith study of the Election of Pope Pius XIII.   They are perfectly satisfied with their condition as Orthodox Catholics.  Just like the leaders at Mount St. Michael’s, the Russian and Greek Orthodox (schismatics) have Bishops and priests, and they not only have no Pope in mind, but they ridicule the very idea of a Pope ruling over all Christians.  They deny the very concept of one man having the primacy of jurisdiction and infallibility.  Hence, until the end of time they will be “false Christians” without a Pope.  They are what is called acephalic Christians (those without a head). They are struck with heresy, and they are totally blind in spiritual things because they do not have the gift of divine and Catholic faith.  Of that St. Paul writes in Hebrews 11, 6: “But without faith it is impossible to please God.  For he that cometh to God must believe that he is: and is a rewarder to them that seek him.” 

In Apocalypse 13, 7 it is revealed: “And it was given unto him to make war (i.e. tempt them) with the saints and to overcome them.”  Verse 8 is an added shocker: “And all that dwell upon the earth adored him (Satan), whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb…”   Those following Schuckart (even in his absence) have been tempted and conquered. 

During bogus Council Vatican II, the devil made (tempted) war with the saints. The true Cardinals and Bishops followed the devil out of the Church, and the devil helped them (those of little or no faith) to found the Novus Ordo bogus Catholic Church now sitting in the Vatican. 
Brother Francis Schuckart saw that misery, and he determined to do something about it. At first he helped may people get out of the Novus Ordo Church.  That was good up to a point. Schuckart then invented (or copied from the schismatic Orthodox Catholics) a concept that was totally erroneous, totally un-catholic.  His teaching amounted to this… that all that Christians need, in order to be Christians, is to have a Bishop over them.  It made no difference whether or not he had a mandate from the Pope to be consecrated, whether or not he was a valid or invalid Bishop, whether or not he was a good or a bad Bishop.  All they needed was a Bishop.  Never again would he or any of his followers have to have a man, known as the Pope, ruling them and the entire world with the primacy of jurisdiction and infallibility. 

Schuckart showed his colors when he had himself consecrated a Bishop by a married, schismatic Bishop, Bishop Dan Q. Brown (a cartoonist by profession).   Once Schukart was a Bishop he cut himself from Dan Q. Brown – just imitating an Indian girl who keeps a boy-friend long enough to get pregnant, and then they kick him out, and live on government support (a better living than could be supplied by the father of her child).  Once he had his position as a Bishop he pushed his chest out and claimed that he was the only true Bishop on earth, and that automatically made him the Pope, so he claimed.  What audacitiy! 

Such activity mirrors the audacity of Martin Luther.  Remember that Martin Luther was once a good Catholic priest till he fell into heresy and created a new religion to his own liking.  Today we see his legacy as the many sects of Protestantism.   Martin Luther has likely dragged millions of souls with him into perdition. 

When Schuckart’s scandalous life separated him from the community, the seeds of his cracked theology remained in the community.  They brought in Bishop after Bishop, and they kicked out Bishop after Bishop.  Finally they managed to get one of their members (Mark Pivarunas) to become a Bishop. 

With Mark Pivarunas as their Bishop they now have exactly what they want, a Christian community with a Bishop at the head (and no Pope over him).  He has no juridical connection with any other Bishop (except to be friends).   As it appears, not one person has any concern about being in the Catholic Church as it exists under Pope Pius XIII.   The Jews refused to accept Christ as their Savior, and now two thousand years later they still refuse to accept Him as their promised Savior.  You might ask, what are they waiting for?  They looked for a “man on a white horse” so to say, and Christ did not come up to that expectation.  We as the true Pope since October 24, 1998 are similar to what Christ was to the people in Jerusalem.  To the people at the Mount, We are not meeting their expectations “riding on the white horse.”  In fact they are even worse than the Jews, for they never even want a Pope “riding on any kind of horse.” They are not one iota different from the Russian and Greek Orthodox who have been separated for Rome since the eleventh century, and those Orthodox Catholics are proud of and happy in their schism. 

We learned from people who formerly were members of the community on the Mount that the leadership there practices deception and hides the truth from the members.  The leadership confiscated people’s books (made them bring the books in), and they did that confiscation even with books that had ancient imprimaturs.  Only that “cult” leadership could tell the “faithful” what was fit to read.  If the people simply read some true Catholic doctrine they would learn that a Catholic is subject to a pastor, and a pastor is subject to a Bishop, and a Bishop is subject to the Pope.  The one and only way to become and remain a Catholic is by being in the chain of command – Pope to bishop: bishop to pastor: and pastor to faithful. 

In order to prove to those who read this letter that We are the true Pope, We urge you to read Our website.  It is  This website was used to gather Catholics the world over for more than three years before the papal election.  The conclave and election of the successor of Pope Pius XII, the last true pope, were presented to the entire world during all the preparatory stages.  The worldwide election took place on October 24, 1998, and We were elected Pope.  Just as the miracles of Christ were not sufficient for the Jews to recognize Christ as the promised Redeemer, so all the proofs in the website will prove nothing unless the reader also has within himself the divine and Catholic virtue of faith, something obtainable by humble prayer. 

This letter should pry men of good will loose from the Mount.  We urge you to become Catholics, that is, members of the Church that Christ founded on the Rock, Peter of Galilee, and now headed by Us, Pius XIII.  Our address is on this website.  Come one, come all, for “outside the Church no one at all can be saved.” (a dogma of faith). 

   Sincerely yours in Jesus and Mary, 
   Pius, pp. XIII 
   December 8, 2000 
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