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Catechism on the Errors of Vatican II
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After the condemnation on the Apostasy of Modernism by Pope St. Pius X, now plaguing the Catholic world, Fr. J. B. Lemius O.M.I.  wrote a book called the "Catechism of Modernism", where he detailed in a catechetical format the "Errors of the Modernists." 

The "Catechism on the Errors of Vatican II" points out the similar errors that are being propagated by the enemies of the Cross through the false teachings of Vatican II. 


1. Who was John XXIII? 
His real name was Giuseppe Roncalli. He was sent as Nuncio to Turkey because the Holy Office's suspicion of his liberal views. During his term there, he joined the Rosicrucian Masonic Sect in 1935. By this very act of changing religions he "tacitly resigned" (Canon Law 188 # 4.) from all offices in the Church and was no longer a member of the Catholic Church.  However, as with all things Masonic, this was still "secret" (occult) from the hierarchy of the Church and the Pope.  He was then sent to France as Nuncio, and it was there that he received his red hat from the hands of the Masonic French President, an unparalleled event. He was then re-called and sent to Venice as its Patriarch and it was there that he set into motion the creation of this false Church. 

2. If John XXIII was the infidel he was, how did he get elected? 
Roncalli was not the only Free Mason within the bowels of the Church. Many other Cardinals and Archbishops had already sold their souls to the devil.  After all, Christ did not guarantee that every member of the hierarchy would be a saint.  Everyone would have to work out his own salvation. In the end there were more infidels in the hierarchy than there were Catholics. Roncalli was elected (invalidly) because it was the "permissive" will of God to fulfill the prophecy of Scripture detailing the "Universal Apostasy", the coming of the "Man of Sin", and the eventual return of Christ to judge all mankind. 

3. If Roncalli was an Infidel and because of his prior defection and loss of Office how are we to judge? 
Due to the Providence of God in the 3rd person of the Blessed Trinity, it fell on the responsibility of Pope Pius IX, who was the Pope that faced the Revolutionaries of Socialism, Communism, Liberalism and Freemasonry, who saw the face of Satan when he stripped bare these images of the 19th century revolution. It was this saintly pontiff who called the First Vatican Council and even in that Council, there were already forces that were arrayed against him. 

4. How could the Doctrine of Papal Infallibility expose Roncalli for the traitor that he was? 
"Pastor Aeternus", the Encyclical that defined this dogma states that the pope, when speaking from the "Chair of Peter" on matters of the faith morals, cannot err. When John XXIII spoke out from this very position in his encyclical "Pacem In Terris", he taught error.  It is incompatible that he could be the pope and yet teach error, therefore by the Will of Almighty God, the protection promised by Christ to Peter was never with Roncalli.  It was a sign of his defection from the faith. 

5. What then was the standing of the successors of John XXIII? 
Paul VI was also highly favored by the Freemasons. He studied outside privately and not in a seminary. His father was one of those who opposed Papal Infallibility in his newspapers.  Paul VI also signed into law the many heresies condemned by past Magisteriums as the new faith of Vatican II.  John Paul I advocated the youth of the Italy to follow Carducci, a well known Satanist, and John Paul II stated himself to a biographer that he was a Modernist.  His international actions round the world proclaimed this.  He had an Idol placed on the high Altar in the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi for the Peace Day of Prayer in October 1986,  that accommodated the high priests of all religions, even those who worshipped the devil.  All these false interloper-popes rejected the Christ of the Gospels and placed their own version. Their "Christ" was in fact Humanism, the forerunner of Pantheism, which is the ultimate end for all those belonging to the faith of Vatican II. 

6. Then why was it that the vast clerical body followed him? 
This knowledge became a critical crossroad for each and every Catholic priest who was forced into a decision of whether to remain faithful to Christ, Who is the Truth Itself, or to accept the lie and join the new religion.  In this case, the nature of joining or adhering to a non-Catholic religion presented itself to these priests in an unusual manner.  If a true pope had been elected in 1958 upon the death of Pius XII, most of them would likely have remained Catholic, because their faith would not have been put to the test.  But God allowed Satan to seemingly secure the highest office in the Church to "sift them like wheat" -- to see exactly what love of the Truth there was, in the poor excuse for those alter-Christi who supposedly were serving Him.  We must not forget that the reason St. Paul gives for the Apostasy is "because they have not loved the truth, they shall be given the operation of error." 

The priests were faced with an unusual situation in that, instead of leaving their comfortable situations to join a previously identified non-Catholic sect, a new one was coming to them from the Vatican itself.  In this case, joining up did not mean taking an action to leave, it meant rather to stay and be identified with the new dispensation.  It was a sin of omission rather than a sin of commission.  What God was requiring them to do was to depart their positions once they would become identified as officers of the new religion.  To stay, was to subscribe, by their silence or inaction, if nothing else, to a new religion and to the heresy(error) that the Catholic Church or the Roman Pontiff could teach heresy (error) to the faithful, a tacit denial of Christ's own promise to His Church. 

7. Did not these clerics know the teachings of their faith, and that to deviate from it would be the loss of salvation. Or that "outside the Church there is No salvation�? 
Unfortunately, many priests were already by then no longer members of the faith in the spirit. They were brainwashed in the Seminaries with the apostasy of Modernism.  It was too well protected by their local Ordinaries, if not explicitly, then implicitly. Pius XII, the last true Pope before John XXIII, was by then already surrounded by a Masonic Cabal. Even his personal physician was a Mason, his confessor, who became Cardinal Bea in Vatican II was an unconverted Jew within the Jesuit order. 

8. How could this be so? 
Taking this latter consideration first, we have the testimony of two former Communist members bearing witness to the infiltration of this "satanic scourge" into the Church. 

Bella V. Dodd spent a good deal of her prime adult years working for the Communist Party in America. During the 1930's and 1940's she worked diligently for the Communist cause in America while she taught school, participated in Unions, practiced law and involved herself in politics in order to bring socialism upon the country.  In the early 1950's she became disillusioned by the lie of Communism, broke with the party, and was instructed in the Catholic Faith by none other than Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.  She was baptized by Bishop Sheen in April of 1952.  At that time she gave lectures to expose the satanic scourge and testified that: 

  • "In the 1930's, we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within."
  • "Right now they are in the highest places, and they are working to bring about change in order that the Catholic Church will no longer be effective against Communism."
Bella Dodd also said that the changes would be so drastic that, "you will not recognize the Catholic Church." 

Manning Johnson, a former official of the Communist Party in America, gave the following testimony in 1953 to the House un-American Activities Committee: 

    "Once the tactic of infiltration of religious organizations was set by the Kremlin ... the Communists discovered that the destruction of religion could proceed much faster through infiltration of the (Catholic) Church by Communists operating within the Church itself. The Communist leadership in the United States realized that the infiltration tactic in this country would have to adapt itself to American conditions (Europe also had its cells) and the religious make-up peculiar to this country.  In the earliest stages it was determined that with only small forces available to them, it would be necessary to concentrate Communist agents in the seminaries.  The practical conclusion drawn by the Red leaders was that these institutions would make it possible for a small Communist minority to influence the ideology of future clergymen in the paths conducive to Communist purposes." 
Further on in his testimony, Mr. Johnson pointed out the grim fact that: 
    "This policy of infiltrating seminaries was successful beyond even our communist expectations."
The "Catholic Dispatch" has recently corresponded with a young man (desiring to enter the non-Catholic Vatican II church) who desired to enter the seminary but has been having trouble.  Here are the words of his first-hand experience: 
    "What I really feel uneasy about is one of the vocation directors attitude toward orthodox Catholics, he makes jokes about them.  I also feel a bit shaken about advice I got from good priests who said that when I get to the seminary I should just nod my head and go along so I just get through, then in priesthood I can become a vocal orthodox priest.  Why do we have to hide? Like I mentioned before, the interview I had during my application to the seminary was very disturbing as it was clear they wanted candidates who are out there to �change� the church."  

    "He then began to ask me about how I would handle it if church teaching changed, would I be able to change also from such rigid views on things.  What about social justice?  I asked what he meant by this ... He then explained to me this was feeding the poor and things of the beatitudes. I was dumbfounded by this because I thought that this was all a part of being a priest anyhow."

9. If this was so, then what about all further hierarchical promotions, the calling of Vatican II, its decrees the changes to the liturgy and the laws of the Church, the new canon Law and John Paul II's new catechism? 
They are ALL null and void, since they had no authority, to function as Catholic members of the hierarchy.  This is because they all followed John XXIII into his new false religion of ecumenical Conciliarism, a deadly heresy previously condemned by the past Magisterium.  And by virtue of the Magisterium's Canon 188 # 4, they too "tacitly resigned" from all offices in the Church, outside of which there is NO salvation. (Unam Sanctam. Pope Boniface VIII. 1302.) 

Second Vatican Council (1962-1965)

1. Is Vatican II  a Valid Council? 
NO.  It is not a valid Council since it was called by a non-Pope, a non-Christian, who was NOT validly elected. 

2. If it is NOT a valid Council, how is it that the "Catholic" world accepted it? 
For almost 2000 years, Catholics have been taught obedience to their hierarchy as the sure way to heaven.  It was therefore unfortunate that the Catholic generation which spawned this illicit Council was already weaned on Liberalism and Modernism before the event, by their not studying the tenets of their faith.  Pope St. Pius X warned and commanded all Catholic laity to continue to study their faith, but they did not, because of many lazy pastors.  There was a massive loss of the devotional exercises also by these lazy priests.  It was the sum total of laziness, neglect, that allowed the wolf into the door to scatter the flock. 

3.  Where came the laziness that brought in the climate for this Council? 
It takes mental and prayerful effort and a lot of effort too to put such things like solid prayer, the going to the devotions like Benediction on Sunday evenings instead of going out enjoying the liberal lifestyle.  Many priests became disheartened when they did not make the numbers attending these devotions.  The laziness on the part of the pastors was just that --- unlike such stalwarts like Pope St. Pius X, or the great Cure of Ars, St. Jean Vianney of the 19th century, the Patron Saint of Priests, those two above-mentioned priests battled hard.  Reading the life story of the Cure of Ars is a most edifying tale of one man�s determination to save his flock.  Not many, alas, were like their Patron Saint.  Hence, through laziness, the smoke of Satan entered the church. 

4. Where does �Gradualism� come in to this picture? 
There is a branch of Socialism called Fabianism.  They take their cue from the Roman General Fabius Maximus during the Punic Wars who used the tactic of gradual harassment of the forces of Hannibal, rather than an all out frontal assault.  It was like the dripping of water from a fawcet that will wear out even the hardest material.  So too with the gradualism.  It started in the days of Pius XII.  By his change in the prayers of the Psalms in the Breviary and placing another set in the Mass prayers.  There was this serious rift from the past.  It was the �chinks� in the armour of the church that were first breached in those days prior to Vatican II that gave the Innovators the excuse to make the massive changes to reverse the Divine order. This �Gradualism� was among the chief causes that created the collapse of the faith and the rise of the infidel Vatican II Church. 

    To summarize the above two questions into one: 
    There was a massive loss of  devotion in the exercises of the Faith which contributed to a spiritual laziness by priests. It was the sum total of this slackness, also caused by the introduction of the change in priestly breviary prayers, generating a feeling of hopelessness in priests that allowed the wolf into the back door to scatter the flock.
5. How do we know that this is not a valid Council? 
Firstly by the calling of this Council by a non-pope, and secondly because it was called in violation of the laws of God.  He allowed this Council to become flawed and pass decrees that were previously condemned as heretical by past Magisteriums.  Again, we see here the permissive will of God in operation. 

6. If this is the permissive will of God then are we not bound to follow it? 
NO.  The permissive will of God only permits evil so that good may result.  The good here is the return to the faith of all those lost Catholics who never studied their faith before and now many are channeling their efforts towards this goal.  It also exposed for the first time the utter corruption within the modernist bowels in this church of men who gave Satan their undivided worship and attention. 

7. What were the heretical decrees Vatican II promulgated? 
It is enough to know of even one to denounce this Council as a fraudulent Council.  Firstly we have "Dignitatis Humanae," or Religious Liberty condemned by past popes as "insanity."  Then we have the Decree on Ecumenism, where all religions are equal, even those who were expelled as heretics by past popes and are now sponsored as fellow "brothers in the faith."  There is the decree on the Church in the Modern world, Decree on the Liturgy, which finally destroyed and took away from the laity the Catholic Mass, something past heretics have failed to do. There are others like Christian Unity, Decree on acceptance of Jews, on Muslims and other heathen religions as a path to heaven: Nostra Aetate.  There are many others far too long for this small catechism.  It is enough to know that even one small slight deviation is sufficient to expose it as false.  Pope Leo XIII in "Satis Cognitum" stated this very fact.  Also their implied acceptance and recognition of the heretical rites of the Anglican Church in defiance of the law laid down by Leo XIII's �Apostolicae Curae� which states permanently and for all time, that Anglicans do not have a valid priesthood.  And finally the destruction of all the Seven Sacraments by Paul VI in 1968. 


We can only give at this time a short synopsis of the chief errors of this new false Sect now occupying Rome.  It is a fact of the faith, a dogma of gigantic proportions, that "Outside the Catholic Church, there is NO salvation."  Since Vatican II, John XXIII created a new man-made Church which is not the Catholic Church, then all those inside this false sect are outside the true Church Christ founded 2000 years ago.  And since the clergy in this sect have been blinded and thus sin against the Holy Ghost, which sins are unforgivable, then it is up to the laity to flee this church of the Antichrist.  It is also up to the Remnant members of the Church to help them. So what are we to do? 

Restore All Things in Christ

1. If John XXIII and his new sect have caught all the laity, then has not Christ failed? 
NO.  Firstly, not all have succumbed to the false teachings of these apostates.  There is a Remnant Church, as foretold by St. Paul, and the gates of hell have not prevailed against her as some depressed lost souls would like to imagine. 

Have the "gates of hell" prevailed?  Certainly not.  Catholics know that Christ cannot lie.  Let us examine the meaning of this promise.  What it proclaims is that truth will ultimately win out -- though not necessarily so in the "short run."  That such is true is an intellectual certainty, for error can only be defined in terms of the denial of truth.  Now the Catholic Church is true, and hence it can no more be totally destroyed than can the truth itself.  But this Church resides, not in numbers, not in buildings, and not even of necessity in the hierarchy.  It resides in the faithful.   The hierarchy must be "of the faithful," before they can be "of the hierarchy."  Or as the theologians put it, members of the "teaching church", the Magisterium, must be first of all members of the "learning church."  Every baptized infant according to the traditional rite becomes a "member of the Body of Christ."  And what is the Church if not the Body of Christ, the presence of Christ in this world?  It follows then that, as the Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerick points out, if there were but one person alive who was truly Catholic, the Church would reside in him. 

However, as has always been the case throughout the history of the Church, a Remnant persisted in retaining the fullness of the faith. The true Church is to be found among those who believe and continue to believe in the manner of their ancestors.  It is they who bear witness to the truths of Christ's promise.  It is they who provide the proof that "the gates of hell have not prevailed."  Not all are profound theologians.  Not all are sinless.  But they can be recognized by their insistence on true priests and the true mass. 

2. Are there then any Bishops left in the world to rescue the Church? 
If there are, then they are, by their silence, traitors and defectors, certainly cowards.  However, the understanding by the Remnant Church is that there are none, that is, those legitimately consecrated in the time of Pope Pius XII who died on October 9, 1958.  It is now almost 40 years since the Remnant Church has wandered in the wilderness of doctrinal chaos.  The very few left do not have long to wait now to enter the "Promised Land." 

3. But do we not have the Thuc consecrated Bishops and those of Lefebvre? 
Dealing with the Lefebvre sect, they are a branch of the New Sect of Vatican II, since they recognize the "popes" of Vatican II and their Novus Ordo liturgy as valid.  On the other hand they defy their own recognized pope by detailing which article of the faith they will believe by sifting them.  This is a heresy against "Pastor Aeternus" and they are also in schism to the past popes by following the false ones in Vatican II. 

With regard to those consecrated by Bishop Thuc, these are questionable since Bishop Thuc had no authority, as he was not a domiciled bishop with a diocese.  He also accepted the popes of Vatican II and also condemned them.  He vacillated on the truth.  Finally, no bishop can be consecrated nor a priest ordained without a true pope.  Or else we would be no better than the Greek Orthodox sect who operate on their own. 

4. Is there then No Apostolicity? 
Yes, it resides with those very few priests still with jurisdiction.  Time is running out as these men are old men now. 

5. Are we then lost and do we wait for Christ to come and rescue His Church? 
NO.  Christ came once to found His Church.  Because He is also God, the Church, which is also His Mystical Body, must necessarily be a perfect society.  It is then from the seeds within that Perfect society that it must "restore all things to Christ."  To sit and vacillate is to commit the sin/heresy of Quietism, and by this Quaker-like movement, then we would then accept that Satan has beaten Christ.  This is heresy and blasphemy. 

6. Who then are the Members of the Church? 
Those who have finally settled down after the maelstrom of demonic attacks, and who do not follow any of the false sects.  Members of the true Church: 

  1. Do not belong to the apostate Church of Vatican II, nor recognize the false non-popes of this church.
  2. Do not belong to the Eastern rite churches such as the Ukrainian rite as they belong to Vatican II and give their allegiance to these impostor popes.
  3. Do not belong to the halfway house churches like those of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) and their derivatives, or others who came from these sources.
  4. Do not attend Masses purporting to be Tridentine but are in fact the Indult "masses" created by the antipope John XXIII.
  5. Do not attend "valid" masses (Tridentine) said by priests one with ("Una Cum") Benedict XVI, thus giving that allegiance to a false impostor pope, be it in the open or in occult fashion.
Thus, all those who believe, subscribe to, or practice any of these  heresies or schisms are then in no way Members of the Catholic Church as defined by the Council of Trent and practiced as such right up to the death of its last pope, Pius XII on Oct. 9, 1958.  This is the situation regardless of those who may in some way be "conservative�: just as the Greek Schismatics are also conservative but are in no way Members of the Catholic Church. 

We, as the Remnant Members of the Church, must be very explicit in our terminology to distinguish between Members and non-members.  It is not our prerogative at this time to label those clerics and even laity in the Vatican II church as heretic or otherwise, since no Papal declaration has been passed by the very fact there has been no pope since the death of Pius XII.  However a list is in the process.

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