true Catholic Church Today & Her Upcoming Conclave Candidates

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Catholic Clergy Valid tcc Priests for Possible Election Canidates

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Fr. Agathangelos


Fr Patrick

Fr. Abad Basilio

Friar Pacifico

Friar Antonio

Friar Jos�

Friar Natanael

Friar Miguel

Friar Pequenito

Friar Joel

Friar Buenaventura

Friar Pedro



The true Catholic Church truths and Dogma Never Change

To Review any of the Clergy, the names are clickable for Biography pages, that are so made up by each individual for the information to be given out to the church, upon a world wide scale, so that anyone using the tcc website can so possibly review these Biographys and even using a translator for the Biography to be made of into the language needed of by each and every different individual. Also one may contact them.  These Bio Pages are for reference to get to know each individual that is possible canidate, and those that are so validly for candidacy will be posted to these pages. The IHM Council is running Via the Mirc Chat program online Live, in the backround, for people to ask any questions via live real time online, to any and all of these canidates hopefully in near future.  The top links will be in fact a favored set of pages that will show each persons status inside the election candidacy itself.  As to whom is to be favored the more so in Holiness according to true canons of 1917 Council of Trent.  These Canons will so be availible for review and future reference, and are in fact encouraged to the christian people to review of them very well, before placing judgement on the voting toward a true canidate.   To become a part of this true Church visibly, one is asked to make a part of information availible of oneself to the, via online, from one of the forms from the home page links via the true catholic website homepage.   Either IHM form or Curriculum.

This list below blue line is of Clergy non Clergy Members is layed out in double fashion, and is according to canon law, and on the upper portion on the left side above is reserved for priests, bishops, and deacons, with line in between, deacon heriachy. The * below is Upper clergy heriachy itself and in the via below left box included of also, and is reserve for laybrothers and above heriachy to all members of the true catholic church inside the clergy heriachy itself.  Laypersons also are included of below in the heriachy, non clergy in the Lower rank.  In the truth of a real papal election, the conclave will and does consists of anyone that is able to become true Pope of the true Catholic Church, not just limited to a rank of upper clergy by todays circumstances.   So all the canon laws that are so written of in the Trent Canons are enforced of by this true Catholic Church today, and if one does not see their name on the list of clergy, and are in fact believing that there is mistake somehow, one must act and ask to be reviewed of for this event for them to be posted of, for correction, or they may not be able to be a part of the names on the list itself. All clergy members must stay in contact with this church, by order of the tcc every 3 months in the least, via an email in least amount, to be able to be considered of to be a part of this very important event itself.   IHM council is in fact in the discussion of all of this time that we are living in now, and in the explains of excommunicated and non excommunication circumstances to people for this very big real true event.  Reasons of heresy apostasy shall be explained of in the wake of the so called religious wars, by those that want to throw their evil, but in the event of to the truth to be told, including of ignorance, there is only one true religion in all the world yes.  The Fact was made, by their being only the One true Holy Scripture.  These canon laws will be obeyed of instead of disobeyed of by the true Vatican at and inside of the true catholic church.   Please be patient for the conclave page to unfold of and the actual true voting event itself.  It only takes place upon convened truths of council itself.  IHM.... Enforced by the true Canon Law.  Hence once again, the Novus Ordo of Rome is considered Pagan, and is in no way with any jurisdiction of any justice whatsoever, to the name Vatican itself, or the true Vatican Canon Laws, in which its true definition meaning is only,  extermination of lies.  They are barred from this true catholic church heriachy and the conclave event itself all together, in true proper excomunication.   If anyone feels that they do not wish their email address posted of below on these pages, you must notify staff @ and ask kindly please to be without an email link for your name to be email private posted.  And if wanting your email link to be posted of, to your name below, please must do the same also in a reverse question request.




tcc Catholic Clergy & non Clergy Lay Members

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                tCC member LISTING

Abbe Alphonse                                    Adoradores Y Amigos                            Ahumada Ester Maria                            Akono Franck Raphael                        Alejandro Dante                                                Ananay Anselma                                Ananias de Belen Lucia                         Anderton, Brian
Anderton, Elizabeth
Anderton, Frank
Anderton, Gene
Anderton, Robert
Anderton, Stacey
Anderton,Steven                                    Arredondo Bettina                            Arredondo Damian                                Arredondo Graciela                           Assouga L�onard                                        Atangana Paul Aim�                        Atangana Zang Arthur                           Avebe Josu�                                            Basilio Abad *Fr.  
Benelli, Mattia
Benito, Ivan Lobo
                                Belinga Roger
Benny, Adrian
Benny, Imelda
Benny, Louis
Benny, Mike
Benny, Peter                                           Bellino J D
Baloch, Faisal Ahmed
Birchley, Mary
Bissonette, Emily 
Bissonette, James
Bissonette, Kimberly
Bissonette, Paul                                 Bogado Sandra Georgina 
Bosi Dra Norma                                    Bullis, Laura   
Bullis, Lindsay
Bullis, Lisa
Bullis, Teresa
Bullis, William                                      Cabrini Maria *Sis                                           Cardozo Jose R                         Cardozo SantaClara                                Cardozo Cecilia
Cardozo Cecilia
                                    Caesar, Carol
Cardozo Mabel                                           Cary, Charles 
Cary, David
Cary, Janet
Cary, Michael
Cary, Rose 
Chile de Roco                                 Coleman, Charles                                     C�rdoba Comunidad Jesss de 
Cordova, AnnaMae
Cordova, Trinidad                                      Cordero Y Amigos
Correa, Maria-Teresa 
Corti Clarita                                  Clarita Pancho Y Boletine                        Crist, Heather
Crist, Kelly
Crofts, James D  
Danca, Josephine
Davis, Virginia                                          Dom Benedict Thomas OSB *Fr 
Dot'o, David
Deplai Cristina                                            Espinos Jose                               Ellenbecker, Bernice                 Endendengue Vincent                        Essama Ignace D�sir�              Estiagrribia Juliana                         Fernandez, Doris
Flak, Mary
Flak, Paul 
Gleich, Molly
Goedde, Joanne                                              Gonzalez Alicia
Gordo del Carmen Mdel
           Gutenberger, Clare
Gutenberger, Rodney
Guzman, Juan
Guzman, Lynda
Hartman, Theresa
Healy, Leila
Heffernan, Brendan
Heffernan, Desma                 Huguetti Graciela Soledad  Huguetti Armando Robert         Huguetti Gonzalo Matias                       Hunt, Richard
Jam, Patricia                                          Juliana de Hija                                         Jerez Jorge                                                    Joven Oleada                                              Junta Geminiani Sisina


List is always appended and updated.   

tcc Catholic Clergy & non Clergy Lay Members

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                  tCC member LISTING

Keran Nerak                                           Kesner, Craig  *Fr.
Kaas, Robert
Kaas, Rosemarie 
Kairos de Carmen                                    Kairos de Damian                                   Kairos de Diana                                       Karios de Gra                                     Karnowski, Dennis   
Karnowski, Joan
Karnowski, Mary 
Karnowski, Philip
Korinek, Louis
Korinek, Martha                 Lacuadra Francisca    
Lawlor, Jacob
Laycock, Virginia                     Lecara 'de Bras Vilma
Leet, Geoffrey
Leet, Margaret
Leet, Penny
Leet, Roy
Leitermann, Helen
Leitermann, Laurel                              Lugones Marta 
Lyons, Joan
Lyons, Robert
Lorenze, John Joseph *Fr  
Marchesseault, Brian
Mance, Michele                                       Manga Hermann                                Marantha Naty                                    Maranatha de Sonia                               Mariana Soledad de Norma                     Martin Y Maria                         Martinez  Espindola Florinda           Matysiak, Robert                                       Mballa Bengono Alexis                          Mballa Manga Brigitte                                 Mba Mfou'ou Bernard    
McCarthy, Marota 
McCarthy, Patrick
McGrath, Dominique
McGrath, Elizabeth
McGrath, Flavia
McGrath, James
McGrath, John
McGrath, Kenneth
McGrath, Sean
Meares, Davida                                            Mengue Francis                                   Meyengono Anne Colette       
Mildenhall, Alison
Mildenhall, Claire
Mildenhall, David
Mildenhall, Heather                                  Mimbe Sylvie Lydie 
Mingroet, Lester                                          Minke Marie Th�rese                                      Miramar de Estela                          Miramar Alquiler                                   Miramar de Julio                                     Miramar Marcelo                            Montegrande de Adri
Moonen, Alvin
Moonen, Andrew
Moonen, Bradley
Moonen, Brian
Moonen, Dallas
Moonen, Daniel 
Moonen, Janice
Moonen, Julie
Moron Ca. Junta Ethel                          Mbomo, Patrick Eric *Fr                                 Mba Mfou'ou Bernard                           Mvondo Marcel                                             Nguili Lucie                                                    Nkolo Berthe Majoie                                     Nkolo Chima ne Rosalie                            Nnomo M�lanie                                                Ntolo Anne 
Nuevo Crosta di Nora 










List is always appended and updated.

tcc Catholic Clergy & non Clergy Lay Members

Click on name to review their own Bio Page and/or email address.

      tCC member LISTING

Obispado del Fabian                             Ofelia Hermana                                     Olivera Santiago                           Orcajo,Gustavo Daniel *Fr          Olima Adry                                                           Omondo Landry                                      Omam Philippe Richard       
Park, C.A. 
Park, P.          Parodi  Fabian                                              Parr, Daniel                                              Patino Olga
Porta del Alejandra
                                          Riley, AnnMarie
Riley, Sean                                                  Rios Nelida
Ripa, Silvia
Ross, Ann
Rojas Ana                                                      Salazar, Alice Marie                           Sanchez Oscar Jose                      Sauco Pablo Damian
Saumench Alina
                                                Si Bita Arthur                                          Simerson, Mary
Stramer, Caroline
Stramer, Fred
Stramer, Gladys
Stramer, Paul                                                Tofi de Meme                                         Susana Ditifeci                                      Uliassi Norma          
Victoria Maria Anawel                                  Veide, Martins                                                 Villarino Angel Emmanuel                
Welch, Edward
Welch, Paul
Welch, Peter
Welch, Rachel
Welch, Theresa
Wicker, Cecile                                           Zang Thadd�e Nikel  
Ze Ntye Samuel                                      Basilio de la Madre de Dios   ?                 




















List is always appended and updated.