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tCC - Rev. Brother Eric Patrick Mbomo


Small Biography for Who I am.

I am the Rev. Brother Eric Patrick Mbomo, as you see my last name is Mbomo, I was born April 24, 1982 in Sangmelima south of Cameroon, in the borough of Mengong, Department of Ebolowa Mvila county town and region of South Cameroon, fatherless since my childhood and mother for three years now (she died March 24, 2008).

In 1982 the world and I have grown up in the hands of my grandmother with a difficult childhood of a child without a father and from an early age I was introduced to prayer, to love Jesus and Mary his mother thanks to my grandmother who still lives jour.Ma the grandmother had reported that one day in my childhood, after Mass, I had wondered why this man here is the dress of women, she had responded a priest, he will teach us to know Jesus and I told myself I'd be a priest like him and from the second year elementary course I was already an acolyte

(altar boy).
    From 1987 to 1992 I do my primary education at the Catholic mission in Ebolowa Nko'ovos where I get the CEPE (Certificate of Primary Education and Elementary).

In 1993 I told my grandmother that I wanted to go to seminary, I enter the seminary with the help of an Italian Salesian priest who financially support me in my studies saying that I was smart and I ' had the vocation to become pr�tre.De 1993 to 1996 I trained at the seminary until my sponsor (the Salesian priest) returns in Italy and also earned my BEPC (Brevet d'Etudes du Premier Cycle).
From 1996 to 1998 I go to school and I become bilingual in the Fathers Aspiring sal�siens.

En 1998-1999 also get my Bachelor of literary and philosophical premise and admitted to Verbum Dei missionaries in but by lack of funds for the family had to take care of my studies at university I could not continue with them.
In the year 2000 I discovered the Gallican Catholic Church of Canada and that year

I get the hands of the Vicar Apostolic of the Gallican Catholic Church of Canada:

tonsurat the portiorat the lectiorat, the exorcist, the acolyte and subdeacon according to the rite St. Pius V. From 2001 to 2003 I entered the novitiate

International Binjamin of Mary where I get a diploma training capacity introduction to philosophy and theology generally.

In 2004 I was picked up by the Catholic Church Charismatic United States (Catholic Charismatic Church) and I received the diaconate in 2005 and several months after December 17, 2005 I am ordained a priest by Archbishop Cyril Tonye II of the Charismatic Catholic church in Cameroon in the rite St. Pius V.

From 2006 to 2007 I was the pastor of the Cathedral and Chancellor of the same archbishop.

From 2008 to this day I am the founder, manager and the parish priest of Holy Angels in Ebolowa, Cameroon, I also created two chapels in the vicinity of the southern Cameroon and some voactions.

Training in insurance services and marketing (1998)
-Member of the Association of the Apostles of the Holy Spirit in Rome, Italy

Training in Communication (Good News Radio) 2004
Host-and peer educator for HIV AIDS centers (2008 and 2009)
And founder of the parish of the Holy Angels of Ebolowa (2008)
Counsellor in the Association of Youth Nko'ovos (the AJDNKO) since 2010
         F-spiritual and religious life:
1982: Baptism in the Catholic parish of Melanie
1990:1 st Communion in the Catholic parish of Nko'ovos (Ebolowa) by Father Paul, Salesian priest.
1994: Confirmation the seminary by Bishop Jean Baptiste AMA (Bishop of  the Diocese of Ebolowa).
2000: tonsure, porter, reader, exorcist, acolyte, subdeacon by the Vicar Apostolic of the Catholic Church of Canada Gallican rite of Saint Pius V.
2005 and 17 December 2005 Deacon ordination by the Archbishop of the Charismatic Catholic Church of the United States in Cameroon.

MON CONTACT: Rev Fr Eric Patrick MBOMO
       B.P.16402 Yaound�-Cameroun
                              T�l: 00237 99333768 et 00237 74179600

May the Lord guide and bless you all+.

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