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tCC - +Rt. Rev. Dr. Johannes-Joseph Lorenz, STD


Small Biography for Who I am.

I would like to introduce myself, I am +Rt. Rev. Dr. Johannes-Joseph Lorenz, STD, aka Fr. Joseph. These two names are my Franciscan names, just as Lucian was Fr. Pulvermacher's Franciscan name.  I was born on 20 Jan/42 in Danzig, which is now called Gdansk, Poland.  My Mother and I arrived in Switzerland in Sept/49, and we were conditionally Baptized in Oct/49 at Konstantineum Convent and Girls School in Chur Switzerland.    We had our First Confession on Holy Thurs/50, and our First Communion on Easter Sunday/50, at the Convent-School. We were Confirmed on Pentecost/50 at the Chur Cathedral, because we were going to Canada.  I went to many Catholic Schools including St. Michael's Cathedral Choir School for Gr 8 in 55-56, were I learned Piano, Organ, and Music transposing. I joined a cadet movement in 1956 in the Medical Corps and in 58, I joined the Medical Corps  Militia as a private, were I was promoted to Captain Medical Administrator. I left the Medical Corps in 70, and studied with OFM cap, and on 4 Oct/71 took life vows as a Franciscan. I studied some more until 1983, on Palm Sunday I was Ordained by Bishop Michael Farrell, using 1887 format, and I was appointed as Abbot for the Little Brothers and Sisters of St. Francis, OFM min. I received LTh, a Masters Degree in Theology on 15 Oct/1983. I was Consecrated Bishop on 1 Nov/83 by Archbishop George Shelly, assisted by Bishops Michael and Joseph Farrell, again using 1887 format, and the Archbishop and Bishops were Traditional Roman Catholics, who would not accept Vatican II Decrees, Services, nor Novus Ordo. I received my Doctorate in Theology on 15 Oct/88, and I was Promoted to Major, in the Chaplain Corps, in 1998. I found Fr. Lucian Pulvermacher AKA Pope Pius XIII in July 99 and I visited him from 9 to 11 Nov/1999. I was elevated to Archbishop on 15 Nov/99, and I was given Cardinal, in nomis, on 15 Jan /2001. Pope Pius XIII had 8 Cardinals, in nomis, plus Cardinals Bateman and Lyons, both were Excommunicate by Pope because they disagreed  with Pope Pius XIII not being aware of His Alzhiemers dementia disease. I was promoted to Lt. Col. On 10 July/2009 in Chaplain Corps. I started working with Lay-Bro Daniel once back in contact with him in the early spring of 2010, plus I visited Lay-Bro Daniel in early May/2011. I took over as Spiritual Director for the tCC in early september, fall of 2010.
Yours in Jesus & St. Francis
+Rt. Rev. Dr. Johannes-Joseph Lorenz, STD
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