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tCC - Rev Fr. Agathangelos of the Transfiguration. OFM. CAP. +

Small Biography for Who I am.

Last Name: Orcajo.
Mother's Maiden Name: Garraffa.
Name: Gustavo Daniel
Name of Religion: Fr. Agathangelos of Transfiguci�n.
Born: August 13, 1962.
National Identity, (D. N. I.): N �. 16,008,606
Identity Card (C.I.), N �. 9,261,728.

Orcajo. Juan Miguel; (Living)
Garraffa. Leontina Vicenta; (Living)
Doctor of Canon Law
Doctor of Biblical Archaeology.
Honours in: Seminar of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X in Ec�ne, Switzerland., Depends on the International Catholic University Ec�ne, Switzerland.
Graduation year: 1984 .-
Bachelor of Social Work .-
Degree from the Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires (UBA), School of Social Work, Graduation year: 1994 .-
Religious Training

Year: 1973

Join the Minor Seminary of Our Lady of Luj�n, Barrio Los Hornos, Ciudad de La Plata. (As a Capuchin Franciscan postulant, I begin my technical high school, HIGH SCHOOL FOR 5 YEARS)

IN: "National School Archbishop John Chimento Agrot�cnica" Barrio Los Hornos, La Plata City.
Retrieved Title: Senior Technical Expert in Agricultural Industry and Beekeeping.
Graduation year: 1978 .-

Year: 1978 .-

Entered the novitiate of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, St. Francis Xavier Novitiate. People: The Cumbrecita, Province of Cordoba, Argentina.

Year: 1979 .-

First simple vows for three years .-
Year: 1980 .-
  "Compulsory military service for one year war with England," WAR OF THE FALKLAND ISLANDS ", served as a surgical nurse HOSPITAL Port Stanley, Falkland Islands .-
Year 1982 .-
Seconds simple vows for three years .-
Year 1985 .-
Vows or for life as Friars Minor Capuchin, in the Convento San Francisco de Assisi, Morgon Ville in France, the Capuchin convent belongs to the Foundation named St. Pius X. -
Year 1985 .-
Holy Thursday of the year mentioned the Archbishop Monsignor Marcel Lefebvre, SUPERIOR GENERAL OF THE FOUNDATION St. Pius X "ordained" me and sent me to Argentina along with Fr Lion of the Immaculate to meet the needs of the friars of that country and be the master of novices of the Capuchin Franciscan OF ARGENTINA .-
  Work From the Years 1985-1994:
Youth Pastoral behavioral problems .-
Pregnant Teen Pastoral .-
Battered Women's Pastoral .-
Young People Pastoral or sexually abused by their parents .- (Rape, pedophilia, etc.).
Drug Dependent Persons Pastoral .-
Pastoral Family and HIV .- ,,, end post






Some Photographed History

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