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Condolence to His Holiness Pope Pius XIII 
Peter II

By the faithful remnant...

Our Condolence thankfulness.

Condolence Remembrance to the HOLY FATHER PETER II...!  Have courage Holy Father Vicar of Jesus Christ for your reward is great and near, for you are in Our God' Truly, The Fathers chosen one, faithful, and of his elect. What truths are in these words, happy and blessed you are, who cometh in the name of the Lord Jesus, and who will be found without sin. Who is he? We will praise him for he has done great things for his life, and for Most Holy Mother the Church: He has been tried and found perfect, and he shall have glory everlasting. He could have sinned, and he did not sin; he could do evil things and has not done them. Therefore his good work has established well in the Lord Jesus, and all the church of the Saints shall declare of his good works. And of what glory God has set apart for them on this earth! God will call you, and give you a place in His Sanctuary as the minister of His Holy Mysteries and He has giving you an everlasting name, which will never parish. "Who can describe the beauty of an innocent soul such as yours". Such soul is splendidly with robe, like one who is adorned with the white stole of Holy Baptism. His neck and arms are resplendent with divine jewels. He has on his finger the ring of union with God The Holy Trinity. He walks lightly on his way to eternity, moreover, there stretches out before him a road adorned with stars. A living tabernacle of God The Holy Ghost, with the Blood of Jesus in his veins, coloring his cheeks and his lips with the most Holy and Blessed Holy Trinity in his unspotted heart. He sheds around torrents of light, which clothe the faithful with the brilliance of God the Son, a shower of flowers rains down from on high and fills the air around us. Choirs all around are with sweet strains with the music of angels from above, echoing his prayers. Mary Most Holy stands beside him, ready to defend him. The Heavens are open to for him. "He was given the Keys of heaven" from, to the Papacy, to save the priesthood. Also the seven Sacraments, the seven fruits of the Holy Ghost and all the truths and teachings of Most Holy Mother the true Catholic Church (tcc):  In the light of faith and in the light of Graces." He is  Holy Father PETER II, and is a charming sight to the millions of legions of the Saints, and the blessed spirits whom received and welcomed him. The Triune God most Holy and Blessed Trinity. In his unapproachable splendor of to his God's glory, he points out with God the Son's right hand, the true throne that he has prepared of for the true Church through him Peter II, while in his left hand he holds the shining Crown of the Papacy, which has adorned him forever, "Glory be to God The Father to God the Son and to God the Holy Ghost who has chosen him." The innocent is in the desire, the joy, and the applause of Fr Lucian of Antioch the true Church. (Hail to the true Vicar of Paradise and the true Kingdom of God). God's face is adorned with ineffable Joy's. He is of God the Son.  God the Father who art in heaven in rejoices, for He will have for him for of His inheritance. He is continually with God The true Holy Trinity, and in the see of him, with love of him, enjoyment of him, and possessing him, " in God our lord and Saviour". The Holy Father has a ray of the delight of Heaven. He is in possession of all His gifts of, perfection, and protection. This is why and how the innocent of himself and of with the Saints of the Old and New Testaments, especially in the martyrs, appear so glorious to us! "God's authority is great in heaven as well as here on earth." "They who hear you hear me, They who reject and refuse you, reject and refuse me." This is said of the innocent, 0 how beautiful they are!  When in temptations, you who are holy and virtuous increase in perfection; when humbled, are raised more sublime. When in combat, "War Against Error and Evils. "You come forth victorious: and in death to self, and to the worldly, you fly to your Crown in exile and slavery, and you are free. In danger you are quiet, undisturbed all alone. And with no golden altar." Religious," but you are not without the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. As he offers to his Heavenly Father, in his flaming heart, all of his Prayers with to the subjects for his sheep". As he prays for us fervently, before the throne of Almighty God The Holy Trinity, we do obey and love him.  We the faithful remnant will always be united with him.  "For in your service to us, while you were in chains you were happy". The powerful will bow down their pride before you. Rulers will welcome and obey you, and "the little and great will seek you out." The good and just will follow you; the wicked will envy you; your rivals will admire you; your adversaries succumb you. Should men unjustly condemn you? You will always come out victorious in our heart.


Let us pray.   


"O Divine Heart of Jesus in the flame of which is within me, with Thy sacred heart of thy fire in thy Divine Love, which Thou camest forth with to bring from heaven upon the earth and for us, and to enkindle it into my heart and into my divine soul.  May my soul thus become the altar for you of thy only love, on which I may offer up to thee of these my true holy sacrifices.  That yes I live no not I, no more, but it is Jesus Christ who liveth in me. For yet my body is the temple of my Lord, God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Ghost"   Amen.  


Prayer is quoted by some Quotes of Saint John Boscos, Edited and modified by T.J.C. of  the Spiritual Bouquet: and laity.  Thank you for your vocation to the priesthood the Holy Father Peter II Pius XIII.  Scarifying yourself and your life for your sheep. May God The Holy Trinity bless to you. You are always remembered in all our Prayers. In the Holy Sacrifice of the true Mass, Spiritual Holy Communion, Stations of the Cross, The Daily Holy Rosary, All the Novenas, Morning and Evening Prayers, sacrifices of our daily duties and all spiritual readings.  Your's In Jesus, Maria, & St Joseph. 


Born 1918 

Elected to the Papacy 10/24/1998

Died  11/30/2009   May he rest in peace.


Funeral photo

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