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His Holiness Pope Pius XIII 
Papal Homepage

“Habemus Papam” ~~ “We have a Pope!”


Pope of the true Catholic Church. 
Reverend Father Lucian Pulvermacher, OFM Cap.  
Priesthood of the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. 
Born April 20, 1918 ordained priest on June 5, 1946 
Who took to himself the name Lucian, - chose the papal name Lucian for lucid, meaning luminous, Pius XIIIth, for following of the last true Pope on earth - Pope Pius the XIIth...

And for all those that have question on the  "Mother of God",  truth define of Our Lord and Saviour is made in "St Paul to the Colossians".  Made by St Paul himself...  See this define as it goes like this, "Christ of his flesh, is all the Godhead."  Therefore, ie "Mother of God" or "Mother of God the Son" is exceptable prayer to Our Most Blessed Holy Mother Maria.  


Office from, election October 24, 1998 to November 30th 2009 
His Service for +God's Papal Chair was

> 11yrs 1mo 6days <  - 6 days to create the world. - >  111 sign for Holy Trinity. 

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His Holiness Pope Pius XIII
All Catholics are advised to review true Catholic Faith in understanding the true office of a Vicar of Christ, and the battles it trully faces of circumstance.
"Outside the Catholic Church, there is no salvation."
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