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Procedure After an Ordination 
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by A. Biskupek, S.V.D
Mission Press, 1954
Imprimi Potest May 4, 1942 Charles Michel, S.V.D. Provincial
Imprimatur May 4, 1942 + Samuel A. Stritch, D.D.
Archbishop of Chicago 
Procedure after an ordination is as follows: 

If the order was conferred outside Mass and if no other ordinations follow, the final admonition is added here; however, if other ordinations follow, it is read at the end of all ordinations. If ordination takes place during Mass, the final admonition is read at the end of the Mass, before the last Gospel. 

If candidates receive two orders on the same day, for instance, two minor orders, their names are not mentioned when they are called for the second ordination. The notary simply says: Iidem, they are the same. 

Whenever the ordained are directed to return to their places, the archdeacon says: 

    Ad loca vestra, or: Recedant in partem qui ordinati sunt, let the ordained return to their places.

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