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Appendix B


 TABLE III. Condemned Novelists Which Some Works are Forbidden in the "Index of Forbidden Books"


Author............................. DATES CONDEMNATION

Stendhal, pseud. of Henri Beyle 1784-1842 1828
Sand, Geroge, pseud. of Amantine Lucile Aurore 1804-1876 1840
Balzac, Honore, de 1799-1850 1841
Sue, Eugene 1804-1857 1852
Dumas, Alexandre, Sr. 1803-1870 1863
Dumas, Alexandre, Jr. 1824-1895 1863
Champfleury, pseud. of Jules   1821
Fleury - Husson, Champfleury, pseud. of Jules 1821-1889    1864
Feydeau, Ernest 1862-1921 1864
Murger, Henry 1822-1861 1864
Soulie, Frederic 1800-1847 1864
D'Annunzio, Gabriele 1863-1938 1911


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*In cases where an author's works have been condemned more than once, the date of last condemnation is given.

A new List will be added by the tcc at the end of this OLD Listed Book, And that List will be appended and updated by the tcc. All Books On Forbidden Lists are STILL, under condemnation by the true Catholic Church. A dipensation may be permitted and issued for certain people by the In charge of Index Bishop.  

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