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Appendix B


 TABLE II. Specific Known Authors Whose Specific Works Are Forbidden in the "Index of Forbidden Books"


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Acton, Lord 1834-1902 History of the Vatican Council  History
Addison, Joseph 1672-1682 Remarks on Several Parts of Italy  Belles Letters
Bacon, Francis 1561-1626 De Dignitate et Augmentis Scientiarum, or the Arangement adn General Survey of Knowledge Philosophy
Bentham, Jeremy 1742-1822 Theory of Legislation & Treatise on Judicial Evidence Economics & Politics
Bentham, Jeremy 1742-1822 Deontology, or the Science of Morality Philosophy
Bergson, Henri 1859-1941 Creative Evolution; Matter and Memory Philosophy
Berkeley, George 1685-1753 Alciphron, or the Minute Philosopher   Philosophy
Burnet, Gilbert  1643-1590    A Defence of Natural and Revealed Religion Religion
Blackburne, Richard   Life of Thomas Hobbes Biography
Burnet, Gilbert 1643-1715 Histoy of His Own Times and History of the Reformation of the Church of England History
Browne, Thomas 1605-1782 Religio Medici Belles Letters
Casanova de Seingalt 1725-1798 The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova Biography
Collins, Anthony 1676-1729 Discourse of Free Thinking Philosophy
Comte, Auguste 1798-1857 Positive Philosophy of Auguste Comte Philosophy
Cudworth, Ralph 1617-1688 The True Intellectual System of the Universe Philosophy
Croce, Benedetto 1866- ALL WORKS* Belles Lettres
D'Annunzio, Gabriele 1863-1938 NOVELS' DRAMAS ONLY* Belles Lettres
Darwin, Erasmus 1731-1802 Zoonomia, or the Laws of Organic Life Science
Descartes, Rene 1596-1650 ALL Philosophical Works* Philosophy
Defoe, Daniel 1659-1731 History of the Devil Religion
Dimnet, Earnest 1866 La Pensee catholique dans l'Angleterre contemporaine Religion
Draper, John W.   History of the Conflicts Between Religion and Science Science
Diderot, Denis 1713-1784 Encyclopedie ou Dictionnaire raisonne des Sciences, des arts et des metiers Encyclopedias
Duchesne, Louis 1843-1922 Early Age of the Church History
France, Anatole 1844-1924 ALL WORKS* Belles Lettres
Gibbon, Edward 1737-1792 History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire History
Goldsmith, Oliver 1728-1774 An Abridged History of England History
Hallam, Henry 1777-1859 Constitutional History of England and View of the State of Europe During the Middle Ages History
Heine, Heinrich 1797-1856 French Affairs; Germany; new Poems: Pictures of Travel Belles Lettres
Hobbes, Thomas 1588-1679 ALL WORKS* Philosophy
Hume, David 1711-1776 ALL WORKS* Philosophy
Kant, Immanuel 1724-1804 Critique of Pure Reason Philosophy
Lang, Andrew 1844-1912  Myth, Ritual and Religion


Lamartine, Alphonse 1790-1869 Voyage en Orient History
Larousse, Pierre 1817-1875 Grand Dictionnarire universel du XIX Siecle, 17 Volumes Encyclopedias
Locke, John 1632-1704 The Reasonableness of Chirstianity as Delivered in the Scriptures Religion
Maeterlinck, Maurice 1862- ALL WORKS* Belles Lettres
Mandeville, Bernard de 1670-1734 Fable of the Bees Belles Lettres
Mill, John Stuart 1806- 1873 Principles of Political Economy Economics & Politics
Montesquieu, Chas. de 1689-1735 The Spirit of the Laws and Persian Letters Economics & Politics
Milton, John 1607-1674 The State Papers Economics & Politics
Mandeville, Bernard de 1670-1734 Thoughts on Religion Religion
Pascal, Blaise 1623-1662 The Provincial Letters Religion
Ranke, Leopold von 1795-1886 History of the Popes History
Richardson, Samuel 1689-1761 Pamela Novels
Robertson, William 1721-1793 History of the Reign of Emperor Charles V History
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques 1670-1741 Emile, or Education Education
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques 1670-1741 The Social Contract Economics & Politics
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques 1670-1741 Julia, or the New Heloise Belles Lettres
Roscoe, William 1753-1821 The Life and Pontificate of Leo X Biography
Renan, Ernest 1823-1892 Life of Jesus Biography
Sabatier, Paul 1858-1928 Vie de Saint Francois d' Assise Biography
Spinoza, Benedict de 1632-1677 POSTHUMOUS WORKS* Philosophy
Swedenborg, Emanuel 1688-1772 The Principa; or The First Principles of Natural Things Philosophy
Sue, Eugene 1804-1857 LOVE STORIES ONLY*


Taine, Hippolyte -1696 History of English Literature Belles Lettres
Tolstoy, Dmitry 1823-1899 Le Catholicisme romain en Russie Religion
Voltaire, F.M. 1694-1778 Most Works, (37 listed) Belles Lettres
Whately, Richard 1787-1863 Elements of Logic Philosophy
Zola, Emile 1840-1902 ALL WORKS* Belles Lettres


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*In cases where an author's works have been condemned more than once, the date of last condemnation is given.

A new List will be added by the tcc at the end of this OLD Listed Book, And that List will be appended and updated by the tcc. All Books On Forbidden Lists are STILL, under condemnation by the true Catholic Church. A dipensation may be permitted and issued for certain people by the In charge of Index Bishop.  

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