Software Douay Rheims tool.

Alows full search capabilitys numerous ways of the Douay Rheims text itself, without the internet or complicated software use.  A full study tool for true theology users and useages. Simply click on the Icon itself below to begin the download,  and then install it from the clicking of the  - bibmedr.exe -  or  - spanbibl.exe -   file that saved, into your specified by you location inside your computer.   Then look for the program icon itself using the setup icon inside the work group, to install left click setup, and then go inside your programs listing inside your computer from the Start menu,   Click on the below icon, and your on your way to learning how to use it.  This is a General Public License Freeware 1899� of the - 1609 Catholic Douay Rheims Bible. - 

Get it,  It Works, - donations welcome. 


        English  > Download English Help Format; bibmedr.exe            En Espanol > Download Espanol Help Format; spanbibl.exe

===== Product Information ============================== Product: Bible Millennium Edition 2000. (The Catholic Douay-Rheims 1899) Electronic Bible for Windows 95/Me/98/2000/XP ;   Version: is 2000.7 Version Date: 26-Sept-2000 Product Type is:   Basic Distribution Policy (GPL): FREEWARE, copyrighted but freely distributable & useable product.

< P > > Processor Family: Intel 80x86 (minimum 80486) Minimum Operating System is: Windows 95, Programmer; Dr. Maged Nabih Kamel Boulos (source Zeitun Online) - is no longer availible from Zeitun because of protestantism against the true church. This is the English Version on the left icon, the Spanish Version on the right icon.  This good tool was saved by the true Catholic Church before its dissapear of itself from online.

(XP installations), do not erase new dll files upon the install.  When the program prompts you if you want to keep the newer xp files,  do so by using the YES button only.  The program asks you several times if you want to keep the newer xp dll files, over the older not installed files for its very install.  This Say YES to, over and over again upon the install as many times as it asks you.   Once you have it downloaded to your computer, then look in the place you specified for it to go, and left click the setup icon.   Then the program will install itself.    Program is easy to use, self explained icons.






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